Saturday, March 10, 2012

Rankin Venture Students Recognized

March 7, 2012

Students in RCSD Venture program 
participate in t-shirt contest 

Rankin County School District students in the gifted program, known as Venture, participated in a t-shirt design contest. The winning student’s artwork was placed on the t-shirt and it was sold as a fundraiser for the Venture Parent Organization.

“Students in this program are challenged to think outside the box. This program gives students an alternate form of learning. Venture is an outstanding program, which gives students all across the District an opportunity to become challenged in different ways,” said Alyssa Farmer a parent of two Venture students.

First place winner in the Venture T-shirt contest was Northwest Rankin High School Student Liyah Patrick. Not pictured is second place winner Brandon Middle School Student Jake Brown and Northwest Rankin Middle School Student Shreya Gunapati.

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