Friday, April 13, 2012

Buckingham Ducks

One of our readers noticed a recent post about the ducks at Jo's Diner.

Seems they had a similar experience.

My wife and I recently read your article of March 21st regarding the two ducks who were showing up at Jo's Diner in the morning. We live just down the road in the Bridgetown subdivision, and eat at Jo's frequently. Well, we have recently opened a Jewelry store in Market Street at Dogwood called Buckingham Jewelers. This afternoon, I looked up from my counter and this walked through the front door,

A mother duck and her 12 little ducklings came strolling in and set up shop. You can imagine our delight. Here is a closer shot,

After feeding them some bread we gently shepherded them out the door. Then I walked with them to the corner and made sure they got across the street safely. They say to expect surprises in the Jewelry business, but even I wasn't ready for that one.

Simon Hall
Buckingham Jewelers
135 Market Street
Flowood, MS. 39232

The Rez News
Barnett Reservoir


Joy said...

Go ahead and build a pool for them. Just think about how many people go to the Peabody in Memphis to see the ducks. ;-)

Anonymous said...

Maybe they went to the jewelery store to get some duckrings!!!!

Chris Merck said...

Good luck and prosperity on the business, Simon!