Friday, April 20, 2012

Gator Tales

The Pearl River Valley Water Supply District has started a newsletter for citizens of the Rez community.  Copies of the first edition have been mailed to all current water customers of the District.    Not a water customer?  View it here, we'll have a copy posted as soon as it's released.

The quarterly publication will be called "Gator Tales" - check out the current edition here.

The Rez News
Barnett Reservoir


Anonymous said...

Decent first issue. And I'm very excited to hear that 4th of July fireworks are coming back to the Rez!

Anonymous said...

And regardless of how interesting it is or how well done it is, we are all paying for an involutary subscription. I'd rather have my money back, thanks, and spend it on something else, or at least be able to ELECT to purchase the publication.

Anonymous said...

Here here. Lipstick on a pig.