Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Promote The Vote Winners

Brandon Middle School took home multiple wins in the recent Promote The Vote contest sponsored by Mississippi Secretary of State, Delbert Hoseman.

The winners (listed here) along with Sec. of State Delbert Hoseman,  
Rep. John Moore, Rep. Mark Baker and Dr. Lynn Weathersby.

About Promote The Vote:

Promote the Vote is a comprehensive voter education project sponsored by the Mississippi Secretary of State’s Office. This project is designed to teach the fundamentals of our democracy to K-12 students and encourages civic responsibility. The program helps students improve their political decision-making abilities and increase their interests in current issues. PTV includes a statewide mock election, student competitions, a complete voter education curriculum and special events designed to recognize students and their teachers.  souce  - Miss. Secretary of State's PTV website

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