Sunday, April 15, 2012

Rankin County Heritage Day

source: Rankin County Historical Society

Rankin County
Heritage Day

On Saturday, April 21, the city of Brandon will once again be visited by members of the Confederate Army.

 These rebels, however, are members of the Rough and Readys, Camp 265, Sons of Confederate Veterans, and their cannon will fire only blanks.

The Rankin County Historical Society and the Brandon Public Library will co-sponsor a celebration of Rankin County’s past at the grounds of the library, the historical society museum and City Park from 10:00 A.M. until 4:00 P.M. on Saturday, April 21.

There is no admission charge to the event.

source: Rankin County Historical Society

Camp 265, SCV, will set up their camp on the grounds using the same sort of equipment that was used at the time of the Civil War and are always ready to answer any questions from visitors.

Members of Chief Red Jacket and LeFleur’s Bluff chapters of the DAR will be dressed in antebellum costume as they host tours of the historical society’s museum. The museum includes artifacts and many items used every day by our ancestors; these items have been donated by Rankin County citizens or collected by the society.

Skills used by our ancestors will be demonstrated by local craftsmen throughout the day in the library and in the park pavilion. Crafts include horseshoeing, quilting, weaving, tatting, whittling and wood carving as well as others. Wagon rides will be offered for children of all ages.

“We have recently replaced the roof on the museum store”, stated Anne Vanderleest, president of the Rankin County Historical Society, “but much remains to be done; Heritage Day will be our first time this year to open our doors to the public, to let them know that our society plans to remain a vital part of the community. We hope Rankin County families will join us in celebrating our county’s rich heritage.”

Additional parking will be available at City Hall on Highway 80, with courtesy shuttle service to the library and museum area throughout the event.

For more information contact Anne Vanderleest at 601-825-2672 or visit the Rankin County Historical Society website here.

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Anonymous said...

"There is no admission to the event."
So don't even try to go! Ha!

The Rez News said...

The word "charge" was added. We'd fire our editor, if we had one.

Chris Merck said...

Way to go SCV Camp 265! Hope many come out.