Thursday, April 26, 2012

Republican Caucuses Saturday

Mississippi Republicans will hold caucuses this Saturday to elect local delegates.  

Brian Perry explains the process in a recent article published in the Madison County Journal.  

The process for electing national Republican leaders begins this
Saturday at your local precinct.

The process begins at the precinct level on Saturday, April 28. At 10:00 a.m., any registered voter declaring to be a Republican can meet at their regular voting precinct. The precinct caucuses choose county delegates to the county convention. In some counties, like Madison, each precinct chooses one delegate. Other counties, like Rankin, apportion delegates according to the total number of votes for John McCain in 2008 - with each precinct getting one delegate and larger Republican precincts getting more.

A precinct caucus could last 3 minutes or an hour. Individuals or factions wishing to control the county party - and the county's delegates to the state convention - must turn out supporters at the precincts. If one person shows up at a precinct, that person can elect himself a delegate. If 50 people show up, then 26 choose the one or more delegates from that precinct. Usually, caucuses are routine. But when there is an intraparty struggle for control, they provide the most basic grassroots interpersonal political entertainment and mischief you'll likely never read about.
Read entire article at Madison County Journal

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Anonymous said...

I think Perry should discuss how a TEA party person became the chair in Madison County

Anonymous said...

Requires no discussion, all you have to do is show up.

Anonymous said...

maybe Perry will discuss how a man in the middle of bankruptcy became the new chairman in Madison?