Thursday, April 26, 2012

Traffic Problems On Upper Road

Update:  At around 8:40am a wreck with injuries occurred at the control tower causing a second traffic delay.  

Traffic on the upper road was stopped for about 30 minutes this morning after a mower fell from a trailer and caught fire.  Ridgeland FD was dispatched to extinguish the fire.   Emergency radio traffic indicated the equipment belonged to the Pearl River Valley Water Supply District.

The road was cleared around 8:15am.

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Anonymous said...

Looks like a stump grinder in the pictures. Not a mower.

Glad I left early this morning!

Anonymous said...

I would really like to know if 1) The driver was cited like anyone else in the world would have been and 2)If the PRV staff has been retrained on safety.

Anonymous said...

Since this was really a potential life threatening incident, I wonder and doubt that they reported it to OSHA.

Anonymous said...

Well, quite frankly, I am surprised that this does not happen more often. Next time you get behind a vehicle pulling a trailer, see if it has safety chains hooked up, nope. See if it has lights hooked up, nope. See if the load is properly bound, nope. Some "good 'ol boy" has a trailer loaded to the max with limbs or dirt or building materials and his 4 way flashers going, as if you can see through the garbage and see a light flashing. I see this constantly in Rankin County.
BE WARNED.... if I run into your trailer because you have no lights working, you WILL be a defendant in a personal injury lawsuit.