Saturday, April 28, 2012

Upcoming Events At The Rez

A list of events scheduled at Rez Parks. 
Information provided by the Pearl River Valley Water Supply District.

Barnett Reservoir
2012 Special Park Events

Date     Location                  Event
4/28   Old Trace Park   Nature Conservancy Wild Walk/Run
5/11   Old Trace Park   Pepsi Pops
5/12   Old Trace Park   Natchez Trace Century Ride
5/19   Old Trace Park   Dragon Boat Regatta
6/2    Old Trace Park   Heatwave Classic Triathlon
6/16   Old Trace Park   Prince of Peace Church Event
6/22   Old Trace Park   Jackson Amateur Radio Club 
6/23   Old Trace Park   Jackson Amateur Radio Club
6/24   Old Trace Park   Jackson Amateur Radio Club 
6/30   Old Trace Park   Rez Foundation Fireworks
6/30   Lake Shore Pk    Rez Foundation Fireworks
8/25   Pela. Shore Pk   Dog Days of Summer 
8/26   Lake Shore Park  Pinelake Baptisms
9/30   Old Trace Park   Crossgates Church Event
The Rez News
Barnett Reservoir

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