Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Change Proposed For Road Around Harbor Walk

Updated: May 16, 10:38 a.m

The Pearl River Valley Water Supply District will consider a change to Dyke Road this week.  The Shoreline Committee met Monday and voted to recommend a designation change for the elevated road surrounding Main Harbor.  The board of directors will take up the issue at their Thursday meeting (May 17).

The proposal would designate Dyke Road as a "No Through Street".

The text below is from a letter written by Reservoir Patrol Chief, Perry Waggener, explaining the reason for the change.


May 1, 2012

To:    John Sigman, Executive Director

From:  Perry Waggener, Reservoir Patrol Chief

RE:    Traffic Concerns

Please consider a "No Through Street" designation/regulation for Dyke Road in the area from the intersection of Breakers Lane to the North Fishing Jetty.

The current traffic flow far exceeds the original intended traffic when it was constructed in the 1960's.  The amount of traffic creates the following safety concerns:

  • The roadway is a portion of the multi-use trail system with both heavy pedestrian and bicycle traffic which puts these vulnerable individuals intermingled with traffic
  • The roadway is used as a parking area for the marina (intended purpose) and as such has numerous people loading, unloading and walking into the roadway from between parked vehicles on any given day and especially during high traffic times in this recreational area.
  • There are also residential structures literally 12 inches from the lane of traffic.
Also, this road was never intended as a true thoroughfare but rather as simple access to the marine facility.  The road was not constructed to handle present day traffic and as a result the infrastructure is showing excessive deterioration. 

I am available to discuss this matter further at your convenience.

Dyke Road marked in red:

click photo to enlarge

Roadway marked in red may be designated as a
"No Through Street"

The PRVWSD board will vote on the proposed change at their Thursday meeting.  A copy of their agenda is available here.

We have asked Chief Waggener how this rule would be enforced and what it means to the weekend sightseer driving around the harbor.  We'll pass his response along when we receive it.

Updated: 10:38 a.m.

Response from Chief Waggener:

The standard citation for an offense such as this is Disregard for a Traffic Control Device(63-3-313). Once the street has been deemed closed to through traffic and signs erected, the sign becomes a traffic control device in the same manner as a “STOP” or YIELD” sign.

Enforcement would be conducted like all other traffic offenses. In accordance to Mississippi law, being a misdemeanor, the offense would have to occur in an officers presence for a citation to be issued. Citizens observing a violation would have the option to sign an affidavit in the appropriate county Justice Court.

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Anonymous said...

What about people who pay monthly to have their boat stored at the piers? Sounds like another dui trap, Big John B. what are your thoughts on this?

Anonymous said...
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Bob on O pier said...

The roadway/Dyke road has far less traffic than it did when the Dock and Boat Works dealership were open,The marina has less tenants now than previously with all the piers/boat slips torn down,even though the ones that were rebuilt.

Dyke road was not intended as a multi-use trail. Yes there are some people walking/exercising along the road and PVR they put speed bumps to slow down traffic, That has been successful.The roadway is not thoroughfare, most are using it as site seeing and marina renters,home owners going and coming from both directions.The expense of signs and enforcement will out way thexpensece of fixing the pot holes and mainly thinconveniencece of main harbor tenants.I would rather have more speed bumps than a direction change.

Anonymous said...

LOL, Chief Waggener forgot to mention the fact that he lives at The Breakers.

The Rez News said...

To set the record straight....We spoke with Chief Waggener, he tells us he moved away from The Breakers over 3 years ago.

Anonymous said...

You still have not answered 11:23 question.

Anonymous said...

While your speaking to chief tally waggener what will they do about the boat owners?

Anonymous said...

I am the one that posted: LOL, Chief Waggener forgot to mention the fact that he lives at The Breakers. Did not do above posts. Apologies if he moved.

Anonymous said...

Pretty sure Chief, like many others working for/running prv, is not a leaseholder. Think he's a north Madison county man

Anonymous said...

Traffic has been diverted up to that road any time Rice Road is closed for flooding, power outages, etc. What will happen in those situations if it is closed to through traffic?

Anonymous said...

" Sounds like another DUI trap".

I couldn't agree more. This speed bump trail around
Main Harbor is completely within the Ridgeland City limits.

Gene and Jimmy are pissed and embarrassed about the recent screw-ups of their SS Units. Guv Phil's appointee to the Rez board has really pissed off Gene.

Ridegland can make more DUI money off normal people drinking a cold beer w/their fried catfish with another BS traffic law.

Cock of the Walk, Phillips, & Pelican Cove are the big losers if this passes.

I'm all for getting drunks off the road.

But this only scares customers from
coming out here & spending their money
at the Rez.

Anonymous said...

I am pretty sure they will allow through traffic in emergency or flood situations. And for those who can't comprehend the concept of through traffic, it does not include people that pay monthly to rent a boat slip.