Thursday, May 10, 2012

NWRHS Students Donate Painting

Students of Northwest Rankin High School's Art and Community Studio class donated a painting to the Reservoir Community Center on Thursday. 

Teresa Aikens, art instructor, said the class partners with different businesses and organizations in the community to provide permanent art work for their spaces.  The process teaches students how to work with clients to meet their requirements. 

Teresa Aiken, NWRHS art instructor
Taylor Butts, designer of the painting
Rankin Supervisor Wood Brown

Rankin County Supervisor, Wood Brown, asked the group to create a painting for the new Reservoir Community Center on Spillway Road - a design by Taylor Butts was selected.  A team of students completed the project and, along with the entire class, attended a dedication ceremony at the center.

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The team (L to R)
Grace Mercer, Zack Blount, Thu-uyen Mai,
Xuan Truong, Taylor Butts

NWRHS Art and Community Studio Class
with Supervisor Brown

For more information about the class contact Teresa Aikens at:

The Rez News
Barnett Reservoir

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Anonymous said...

Good job! Beautiful painting.