Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Pearl Shooting Audio

Radio traffic from shooting in Pearl this morning.  Events began around 11am at the Colony Park Apartments just off South Pearson Road.

Scanner traffic reports multiple gunshot victims including 2 police officers and the suspect.

Traffic from Rankin County Sheriff's Department, Pearl Police and Fire Departments

Eleven and a half minute audio begins shortly after 11am and terminates at 11:50am

Reference points in audio:

0:00   Shots fired
3:24   Rankin deputy "cancel SWAT"
3:34   Status update - "Suspect is 10-7"
4:43   Pearl Fire Dept call to MedCare
       "multiple gun shot victims including 2 
        police officers"
7:14   Pearl PD blocks Pearson Rd exit on I-20 so
       ambulance could transport patient to UMC
8:44   Pearl FD giving landing instructions to AirCare
10:41  AirCare departs with patient to UMC
11:32  Pearl PD clearing press to enter scene

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Bolster said...

Our thoughts and prayers go out to his family as well as to the Pearl Police Dept!