Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Rez Area Auto Burglaries

Alert From The Rankin 
County Sheriff's Department
This image is not a photograph of a real person.
This is a composite picture of the suspect.

The Rankin County Sheriff’s Department has received nearly twenty reports of auto burglaries over the past ten days in the Reservoir area. The majority of the owners victimized live in or around Avalon, and Farmington Station subdivisions.

Although there have been reports of some of the vehicles burglarized being locked, there is no evidence to support the suspect or suspects forced entry into the vehicles. The burglaries appear to be occurring after the midnight hour. It is believed that the suspect or suspects live in the area and are committing the crimes while walking through the area making it easier to avoid detection.

Around 3:30 am Sunday, a deputy found a vehicle in the Avalon subdivision with an open door and made contact with the owner to discover some items were missing from the vehicle. A suspect was then seen running behind some adjacent houses. Deputies pursued the suspect and were able to recover some of the items reported stolen.

Around 4:00 am Sunday morning a homeowner, in the Farmington Station subdivision, witnessed someone in a neighbor’s vehicle and pursued the suspect on foot losing him in a nearby wooded area. The witness was able to provide deputies with a suspect description.

Deputies have collected finger prints from some of the burglaries and are awaiting results from the Crime Lab.

Suspect Description

White Male
Height: 5’9” Weight 180lbs.
Mid 20’s; shaved or close cut hair

The Sheriff’s Department reminds the citizens of Rankin County that the best way to avoid being a victim of an auto burglary is to secure valuables and LOCK YOUR VEHICLE!

If you have any information on these auto burglaries or suspect please contact the Rankin County Sheriff’s Department at 601-825-1480.

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