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The Rez Five Year Plan

This story appeared in The Brandon News on Thursday, July 23, 1959.

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A program adopted by the board of directors of the Pearl River Valley Water Supply District Tuesday of this week calls for at least 10,000 acres of the proposed Pearl River Reservoir to be underwater by Christmas of 1960.  Another one-third would be inundated during 1961 and the pool completed in 1962.

In setting this goal, the board adopted a five-year program for the 25 million-dollar reservoir construction.  It provides a step-by step plan that calls for considerable land acquistion this year.

Originally planned as a 37,000 acre pool, the decision last month to move the proposed dam upstream reduced the area proposed water level by two feet to avoid buying useless foot-deep acreage, these two factors have reduced the reservoir acreage from the proposed 37,000 acres to approximately 31,000 acres.

The five-year plan approved by the board of directors - which includes W. E. McIntyre, Jr., A. D. Holmes and Vice-Chairman Jimmy Morrow, all of Brandon - is as follows:

1959 - Acquire the necessary land and clear, grub, strip the dam site so as to be ready for construction of the dam and spillways.

1960 - Construct the dam and spillways, weather permitting and separate timber from and clear 10,000 acres of the 31,000 acres to be inundated.  Also, proceed with shore line facilities as defined by the shore line study, laying out lots and making roads, water, sewerage and other facilities available thereto.

1961 - Separate timber from and clear 10,000 additional acres of land to be inundated and relocate railroad and other public utilities and continue shore line facilities and improvements. 

1962 - Separate timber from and clear the remaining 11,000 acres of land, continue shore line improvements and work toward final completion of the project.

1963 - Complete timber separation on lands in the best interest of the reservoir and complete the project.

H.V. Watkins of Jackson, counsel for the organization, said early consideration will be given to acquiring land and letting contracts to strip the land.

He said the district, an agency of the state, will sell the timber from the cleared land.

The board stayed in session all day Tuesday to consider the program which was introduced by R. L. Moss of Lena.

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