Monday, May 21, 2012

Rez Gets Specialty Car Tag

The 2012 Mississippi Legislature passed a bill that authorizes a "Distinctive" car tag for the Pearl River Valley Water Supply District aka The Rez. 

The PRVWSD is required to get orders for 300 tags before any are manufactured - so - get out the check book, fill out the application form and get your order to PRVWSD.  It will likely be later in the year before the tags are available as the bill does not become law until July 1, 2012.

The PRVWSD is considering having a contest to produce a design for the tag, more details on that when they become available.

Like all, specialty tags, there will be a $31 additional charge, of that $24 will go back to the PRVWSD and be deposited in a fund that will be used to improve The Rez facilities such as parks, boat launches, etc.

Show the world you support The Rez - pre-order your tag now.

Print off the application form and return it with a check to the Pearl River Valley Water Supply District office in Ridgeland at 115 Madison Landing Circle
or mail the form and check to:

Attn: Cindy Ford
P. O. Box 2180
Ridgeland, MS 39158


We'll keep a link to the tag application info at the top of The Rez News sidebar -  tell your friends.

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Anonymous said...

These should be for leaseholders only. Rezidents should provide proof from prv that they are a leaseholder when applying for tag.
This way we'd know who is one of us and who isn't.
Or require one for any vehicle putting in watercraft at our boatramps!

Anonymous said...

Your boat ramps? I think not

Anonymous said...

Your boat ramps??? Don't you want to retract that statement?

Anonymous said...

Last two posters- hope you enjoyed Memorial Day at our parks and boat ramps
which we leaseholders paid to construct and pay to keep up

Anonymous said...

You lease holders pay for the maintence, Madison & Rankin residents have paid for the Resevoir

Mike Source said...

Anonymous 2:53pm, e Rez was paid for from bonds that hinds rankin Madison Scott leake and neshoba county tax payers paid off in 1992. The lease holders pay their fees and that comprises nearly 90% of the operating budget for the PRVWSD. the rest comes from campgrounds permit fees etc. so you see who NOW pays for the upkeep and daily operations of a State agency. PRVWSD is a special fund agency which means they must pay their own way. Without the leaseholders the Rez would not be what it is today. It would be another Corp of Egineers lake with many many more rules and regulations than thenRez has. Yes it is a public lake and everyone is invited and encouraged to come and enjoy. But you cannot just put the leaseholders out of the picture. The PRVWSD provides many municipal type services to the leaseholders and until our legislative team worked hard to get us more say on the board this year we haven't had our views and opinions heard. Now hopefully things will change and Inge can be done so that everyone is happy and can enjoy one of the great attractions in Mississippi.

Anonymous said...

it's obvious the PRVW wants more income, a simple charge at the entrance to the recreation areas like they did for COCO beach would aleiveate the crowding and the cost issues.

Anonymous said...

Mike, thanks for post. Since many piers and launches and shoreline of several parks have been destroyed by weather or deteriorated due to time, nature, and usage, I'm pretty sure leaseholders footed the bill on rebuilds and upkeep. Not to mention leak in the dam on Spillway/"The Bob"(pkwy) which would've drained the rez and maybe caused roadways to collapse -that was fixed.

KaptKangaroo said...

May 21, 2012 1:27 PM

If you want the support of the surrounding communities, you had best learn to understand the concept of community property, which includes the Reservoir. You lease property and should have no other rights than the ability to build a house on it. NO OTHER RIGHTS!

Just because the public taxpayers ALLOW you to lease land there, does not mean we should ALLOW you to usurp ownership of public lands and resources.

Anonymous said...

I think it is a great idea and have sent in my $31.00 a couple of months ago. I haven't heard from anyone. Does anybody know how we are doing with the 300 orders and if and when the tags will be available?

Anonymous said...

I sent my $31.00 in a few months ago also and would love to see this happen soon. I don't live on leasehold land, but am more than glad to support the PRVWSD and the Ross Barnett Rez whenever I can. It is a wonderful, beautiful place to live and I love it!!

Anonymous said...

Why don't you all get off your collective asses and incorporate raise your own taxes then you can charge user fees etc.

Bill said...

Adults, if these are indeed adults making these posts, should be positive and support the Rez. I live in Madison County, but am a private boat owner and one who enjoys the REZ and would like to see improvements, especially in the area of boat ramps. Tommy's should be an example. If I am correct, $24 out of every $31 goes to the PRVWSD. I'll gladly donate $31 a year and give the REZ free advertisement as I travel.
Grow up, folks. Blessings.........Bill

WC Smith said...

If all you lease holders are so convinced these are your boat ramps and your reservoir, why haven't at least 300 of you "special people" purchased specialty tags so that the rest of us, the ones who use and enjoy "your" reservoir, can receive the tags we have purchased A LONG TIME ago???? I, a non lease holder, am anxious to promote MY reservoir, and this area, through the use of a tag on my truck, the same truck that takes my boat to your reservoir. I challenge you to purchase these tags and allow for 300 to be printed.

Unknown said...

I am a lease holder and have no problem with whoever wants to purchase a tag. I do not want to everyone knowing where I live so I don't think I will be purchasing a REZ tag. The REZ was developed so everyone could enjoy it. That being said, please do not come here an throw your trash in it. I don't come to your back yard and throw mine, so please be respectful and help us keep OUR REZ clean and beautiful!