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Dinosaurs: Big, Bad, Bold, and Back
Robotic Exhibit At The Natural 
Science Museum

June 2, 2012 – January 6, 2013

Visit the Dinosaurs: Big, Bad, Bold and Back exhibit, the biggest robotic dinosaur exhibit that has ever come to Mississippi, and take a journey back to prehistory when giant animals roamed the earth, swam in the seas and soared in the sky. Meet a T. rex up close, marvel at the long-necked Apatosaurus and watch the skies for the flying Pteranodon.

But beware, these creatures look, move and sound like the real thing. This exhibit includes over 20 robotic dinosaurs, a rubbing station, and a fossil dig site. Don’t miss the First Tuesday lectures and Fun Fridays associated with this incredible exhibit. The exhibit opens on June 2, 2012 and closes on January 6, 2013. “During the seven and a half months that Dinosaurs will inhabit the Museum, visitors will learn about Mississippi’s early prehistory. Perhaps there are also lessons we can learn about our present situation from these extinct creatures,” explains Libby Hartfield, museum director.

• From a Protoceratops with hatchlings to a three-fifths scale Tyrannosaurus rex, these robotic dinosaurs are fascinating to children and adults alike. Hear them roar, and watch them feed and care for their young. Learn which beast’s teeth were the size of bananas, which dinosaurs may have been fighters and active hunters of other dinosaurs as prey and which creatures fed on tender plants.
  • See the Maiasaura with its young plus a nest with hatchlings. The fossil record suggests that hadrosaurs, like Maiasaura, were herding animals, a single herd is estimated to have comprised up to several thousand individuals.
  • See the Pteranodon, the prehistoric sky king, whose wingspread was as wide as a soccer goal. The Pteranodon is not a dinosaur but a type of pterosaur, or ‘flying reptile’.
  • Understand how the horn-faced Triceratops protected itself from attackers and how much time and why the peaceful Apatosaurus may have spent in the water.
  • Kokoro, the company that created these robotic dinosaurs, consults with distinguished paleontologists on all aspects of the creatures’ attributes and functioning during development. Each creature is individually handcrafted and computer-programmed.

Dinosaur related “Fun Fridays”:

  • June 1: Dinomite!
  • June 22: Dino Discoveries
  • June 29: Dinobirds
“Dinosaurs of the South (and other prehistoric giants)” (Lecture)
August 7, 2012 from 12noon – 1pm

SPEAKER : Judy Cutchins, natural science author/educator, Fernbank Science Center and Fernbank Museum

DESCRIPTION: Finding out about dinosaur life in the southern states is challenging. Unlike the Western U.S., complete skeletons in the South are rare. But paleontologists have uncovered enough fossil evidence to know that a variety of dinosaurs, giant sea creatures and land reptiles once inhabited what is now the southeastern U.S. Join us to learn just what amazing prehistoric giants lived in or near Mississippi and what the South was like 80 million years ago.

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