Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Parents Upset With Rankin School Board

The Rankin County Board of Education met this morning and heard from a group of residents unhappy with a recent board decision to work toward settlement of a lawsuit with Pearl.

Lots of TV cameras rolling this morning and a front page article in the Clarion Ledger.

A few links:

Clarion Ledger Front Page:
The Rankin County School District board member who led the vote to settle a lawsuit with Pearl public schools received a permit from Pearl aldermen to build a mini-warehouse/storage facility there - a revelation prompting some to cry politics.
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WLBT Coverage:
A number of emotional Rankin County residents came out to voice their concerns during Wednesday morning's Rankin County School Board meeting. Just about all of the residents in attendance oppose the school board's recent three to two vote to settle an annexation lawsuit with the City of Pearl.
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WAPT Coverage:
Dozens of parents attended a meeting Wednesday to voice their frustration with the Rankin County School Board's decision to settle a lawsuit with the Pearl Public School District that could impact where their kids go to school.
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WJTV Coverage:
A member of the Rankin county school board is under scrutiny and could be investigated by the state ethics commission.
The man at the center of the controversy is school board vice president Cecil McCrory.
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