Friday, June 15, 2012

Reservoir Police Report For May

The latest report from the Reservoir Police.

Summary info:


CITATIONS (COURT)                   390
CITATIONS (WARNINGS)                 12
OFFENSE REPORTS                      62
D.U.1. CITATIONS/ARRESTS             22
B.U.I. CITATIONS/ARRESTS              1
ACCIDENT REPORTS                     11
BOATING ACCIDENTS                     0
ARRESTS                              34

The Details:

Frequency             Violation

1          Accident; Leaving Scene of
5          Alcohol, Consumption in Parks
2          Alcohol, Possession by Minor
2          Alcohol, Possession by Adult
2          Allowed Un-licensed Driver
5          Boating; Reckless Manner Prohibited
2          Boating: Registration Violation
3          Boating Requirements; Lights,Floatation, etc
1          Boating Under The Influence (B.U.I.)
10         Boating; Wake Zone Violation
11         Careless Driving
21         Child Restraint
17         Disregard for a Traffic Device
33         Drivers License. None Or Expired
20         Driving while License Suspended
13         Driving Under The Influence, 1rst
2          Driving Under The Influence, 2nd
1          Driving Under The Influence, Felony
6          Driving Under The Influence, Refusal
1          Driving Without Headlights
1          Driving Wrong Side of Roadway
2          Excessive Noise
12         Expired Tag
2          Failure To Yield to Emergency Vehicles
2          Fishing Violation PRV 3.4.a
2          Fishing Without License
1          Following Too Closely
3          Improper Equipment
23         Improper Parking: Fire Lane, Handicap, Marked
11         Improper Passing
4          Improper/No Tag
71         Insurance Card To Be Kept In Vehicle
4          Motor Cycle Endorsement
1          Obstructing Traffic
1          One Way Street Violation
3          Over Size Vehicle
3          Public Drunk
1          Reckless Driving
57         Seat Belt Law Violation
21         Speeding
4          Trespassing; Parks after Closing
3          Vehicle Restriction
390        Total Citations Submitted For Court
12         Misc. Warning Citations
4          Violated Citations
402        Total Citations Written

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Anonymous said...

Man, they were busy in May! Anytime I see a report like this, I always think, how many accidents or tragedies did those arrests prevent.....Thanks for keeping us safe, RP!

Anonymous said...

Reading this makes me not want to get on the roads or on the water with some of these idiots!!!

Thanks for helping keep us safe, Rez Police!

Anonymous said...

It would appear to me that 175 of the violations were due to noticible conduct. And 227 of the violations were cited after the person had already been stopped for some noticible conduct. In other words, it looks like when you get pulled over for speeding, your are very likely to get a seat belt violation, or an insurance violation, something liek that.

Anonymous said...

So BUI of 1? Are You Friggin Kiddin Me?

Pep said...

71 people w/o insurance cards wow just wow! TY for those 23 improper parking folks. Glad to know SOMEBODY is giving a ticket to these people. Seriously THANK YOU! Wish that people would understand how hard it is sometimes just to get out of a car much less make it to the door without falling. On the outside I look like nothing is wrong with me but you have to look closer to see it. the 21 child restraint violations flat out makes me sad. Hope the people ticketed learn a lesson from the ticket and not just get upset they were caught. Hate to think of all the people that weren't caught seeing that this many were. Thanks for all that you do to keep us and the Rez safe!

In response to the anonymous person above about getting another violation in addition to the speeding ticket. You will find this is very common anywhere you live. you will also find that MS is quite lenient compared to other states in their violations. At least we don't have the point system. Trust me you don't want that bc IMHO it's MUCH worse. If the person wasn't doing something to get stopped in the first place they wouldn't be getting a ticket to begin with. so if they get another then it's their own fault for being stupid not the officer's. fyi no i don't have a clean record i have 3 tickets as i love to drive fast. 1 more speeding ticket on my record and I believe my next stop is i go to jail. Like i said it's the violator's fault (MINE) not the officer's. can't blame them for that bc they were just doing their job. guess it's a good thing i can't drive much anymore lol