Friday, June 29, 2012

Rez Park Hours Extended For Saturday

Press Release From The PRVWSD


Public Parks and Boats Ramps to Remain Open Until Midnight for THE INDEPENDENCE DAY CELEBRATION on SATURDAY, 30 JUNE 2012

Pearl River Valley Water Supply regulations prohibit the use of public parks, boat ramps, and other properties after hours posted at those facilities. Many of those facilities are posted to be closed at sunset; some are posted to be closed at sunset unless engaged in fishing activities.

Due to the increased activity expected on the water on SATURDAY, 30 JUNE 2012, all parks and boat ramps will remain open until midnight.

Please use these facilities, leave only your footprints, and be prepared for the parks to be closed at midnight that night.

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Anonymous said...

Every time I go out on the Rez for a major event these days, I am even more shocked, saddened and terrified by the number of idiot boaters that are allowed to take to the water. There is no such thing as common courtesy or common sense on the water anymore. We left the house Saturday night and cruised under the Pelahatchie Bay bridge into the big water to watch the fireworks, anchoring about 200 yards offshore from Sportsman's Marina. As soon as the fireworks were over, it became a grand prix on the water, apparently to get back under the bridge and get in line to pull boats out of the water. Several people blasted by us, within 10-15 yards, while I was pulling up anchor. Their wakes sent me kids and family flying in the boat. Then, when we started heading toward the bridge, people were blasting by us trying to get ahead, right up until we got to the bridge. What a bunch of jackasses.