Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Two Trucks Collide On 25

An 18 wheeler and pickup truck collided this afternoon on Highway 25, the accident occurred shortly before 5pm.

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The driver of the 18 wheeler was injured but able to communicate with medical personnel.  The driver of the pickup, according to one person on the scene, was alert but complaining of chest pain.   Both drivers were transported to the hospital.

TRN was told that both trucks were southbound on 25 when they collided. 

The accident took place near the intersection of Highway 25 and Stull Road - about 3 miles north of the 25 and Holly Bush Rd intersection.

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Anonymous said...

The picture like more like a head on collision than two vehicles going the same direction that bumped each other. That would lead to side damage and not front end damage of both vehicles. Prayers for both drivers.