Thursday, July 26, 2012

Bear Cam

This is way cool.
Brown Bears fishing in the Brooks River at Brooks
Camp in Alaska's Katmai National Park

A live streaming web cam showing Brown Bears fishing in a stream in Alaska's Katmai National Park.

About 2200 bears live in the park - 100 or more will gather at the Brooks Camp section of the park to try their luck at catching Sockeye Salmon making a upstream migration.

The site is hosted by who says the best viewing hours are between 8:30am and 1:30pm (Central Time).

A few Bear facts from Explore.Org

  • Brooks Falls will be busiest from July through the first week or two of August
  • Early in the season, bears eat the entire fish. Then after a few days they will high grade, eating only the most fat-rich parts: brain, skin, belly full of eggs, and the base of the tail. The lean, discarded remains are not wasted and are eagerly consumed by smaller bears, bald eagles, and even wolves
  • These bears eat up to 40 Salmon, or as much as 100lbs/100,000 calories of fish per day
  • Alaska Brown Bears are the larger coastal form of the Grizzly, which can be found inland 

View the Bear Cam HERE.

The views change periodically so stay tuned for different camera angles. 

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