Thursday, July 5, 2012

Flag Waving At Castlewoods

Don Hartness was where you would expect him to be on the Fourth, standing his post at the entrance to Castlewoods on Hwy 25.  Daylight to Dark is his motto and Wednesday's daylight, according to the weatherperson, was 99 degrees for much of the day. 

Don has been a fixture on that corner for a number of years, it's his way of showing support to our armed forces and his love for the U.S.A.

This July 4th he was on an additional mission, collecting funds for one of his buddies who was injured in a motorcycle crash a few weeks back.  Don and Sgt. Jay "Bucket" Bennett are friends - Sgt Bennett is recovering from a crash that occurred on Spillway Rd.

Our report on the crash here and followup report here.

Don's efforts Wednesday raised almost $2000 for Sgt. Bennett and his family.  

Great job Don - we appreciate your patriotism and community spirit.

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Anonymous said...

Jim, thanks for your service to the community as well. Wanted to thank all that came out in support and generously gave of their time and their finances for this soldier.

Anonymous said...

Don and I would like to say a special Thank you to the Swales Family and the Sandridge Family for coming out and standing with their flags in support of the Jay Bennett and his family.And Amy Swales for helping me collect money yesterday, your help was greatly appreciated.Thanks to the sweet ladies who brought cool treats for all of us to enjoy, it made a hot day a little more tolerable.And a very special thank you for all of those wonderful people in our community who dug deep into their pockets to give so generously; this day would not of been possible if it where not for you all.We ask that you contuine to pray for Jay and his family as he recovers.We love our country and our soldiers but this one hit a little close to our hearts, for Jay is a special friend to alot of us as it proved to be true yesterday.I know how much Jay appreciates all that this community did yesterday and so do we.God Bless you all and please keep praying for Jay's speedy recovery.