Monday, July 2, 2012

More Seismic Testing Around Rez

Densbury Onshore LLC has entered into an agreement with the Pearl River Valley Water Supply District to conduct another round of seismic exploration on and around the Barnett Reservoir.

At their June meeting the PRVWSD board of directors heard representatives with Densbury explain their plans and reviewed maps of the targeted areas.   Areas in the water will be tested using small explosive charges, areas on land will use specially designed trucks that produce vibrations in the ground. 

The PRVWSD will receive approximately $50K from Denbury for the project. 

Denbury has committed to notify the public in the following manner:

  • Contact to be made personally door to door or leave door-knockers (informational flyers) with designated homeowners or occupants located in Lost Rabbit.
  • Air a public notice with local news channels to inform Reservoir Residents of Seismic Survey
  • Follow any reasonable notification procedures set by Pearl River Valley Water Supply Disrict Board either expressed or implied.  Includes signage located at designated boat ramps and/or marinas warning boating of seismic operations.
  • No seismic activity within 2000 feet, upstream or downstream of the Ross Barnett Dam and of the Main Harbor Marina Dikes. 
The work will be on the Madison County side of the lake and areas in the water will be marked with buoys.  Denbury has agreed to start the water exploration after Labor Day and all efforts should be completed by the end of October.

A map of buoy and sounding locations is available HERE.

The blue spots on the map are receivers locations and the red spots are where charges/vibrations will occur.

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