Thursday, July 5, 2012

Rankin County Under Burn Ban

The Rankin County Emergency Operations Center has declared a burn ban for Rankin County.  The order went into effect at 10a.m. this morning.

The ban does forbid the use of fireworks, the only exception is professional fireworks people who carry liability insurance.   

We spoke with Madison County EOC Director, Butch Hammack, who said a burn ban for Madison County will be put in place on Monday, July 9th.

Questions?  Rankin County EOC 601-825-1499
Madison County EOC  601-859-4188

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Anonymous said...

GREAT!!! I do not live by my computer or television or have a radio stuck to my ear. I have other things to do. And this morning, I have been cutting, clearing, and generally cleaning. Which INCLUDED burning alot of old limbs and brush. Now I find a burn ban. The government should be required to notify it's citizens BEFORE they pass a law. How about those weather sirens that they can talk on. ATTENTION CITIZENS. A BURN BAN WILL BE IN EFFECT TODAY.

Anonymous said...

so you burn things without checking the weather, the conditions, etc before burning? You haven't noticed that it is VERY DRY and we haven't had a real rain in weeks?!?! I hope the gubmint can save us from ourselves...