Thursday, July 12, 2012

Rankin School Board Elects New President

The Rankin County School Board elected new officers on Wednesday - Cecil McCrory was chosen as board president, Grumpy Farmer vice president and Debbie Tolleson elected secretary.  

Elections were not due but Mr. McCrory made a suggestion at a recent board meeting that officers should be elected on a fiscal year instead of a calendar year basis.  The board took up the change and voted for the new slate of officers on a 3 to 2 vote.

The change follows a split in the board over litigation between the Pearl Public School District and the Rankin County District.  Three members of the board, Mr. McCrory, Dr. Ruth Burgess, and Grumpy Farmer voted to discuss a settlement offered made by Pearl - Ann Sturdivant and Debbie Tolleson voted to let the law suit run it's course.

The lawyer for the school district, Mr. Ben Griffith, made a plea to the board last month to let the lawsuit run to completion and let a judge set the final terms of settlement.  Mr. Griffith's desires were supported by other expert witnesses hired by the board but ultimately the board, by a 3 to 2 vote, agreed to work toward settlement.

The board has already spend approximately $700,000 to defend the RCSD in the action which was filed last November.

After the vote Mrs. Sturdivant issued the following statement:

The Board has spoken – in my opinion this is in retaliation for my determination to protect the Rankin County Taxpayers in the conflict with the Pearl Public School District.  I have no issues with members of this board, I simply have a difference of opinion.  I side with the taxpayers of Rankin County who, according to expert opinions, will face a tax increase because of the actions of this board.   I respect the ability of the majority of this board to make these changes, even though I disagree with their intent.  Giving up these tax dollars and students to the Pearl Schools against the advice of the experts that were hired by this board, is not only unwise, but is a violation of this board’s constitutional duty to the taxpayers and school children of Rankin County School District.

Ann Sturdivant 

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Anonymous said...

you have to wonder if Lynn and the boys have decided it's past her time. Her not being the president will hurt her if she had decided to run again.
I'm hearing a former teacher is warming up in the pen; and not just any former teacher mind you.
should be a interesting time before the election.

Anonymous said...

That northwest seperate school district is starting to look better and better !

Anonymous said...

I am not sure I would want to side with lawyers. They followed the lawyers advice on this last bond issue and it proved to be bad advice. Litigation lines the pockets of lawyers plain and simple. Sturdivant is well intentioned but it is time for fresh new leadership.

Anonymous said...

NW is the only Rankin Co. high school with decent numbers.

Brandon High ranks far lower.

No reason for Rankin Co. schools to rank so far behind Clinton and Madison Co.

Anonymous said...

But-But-But she deserved a new High School cause She supported 1 in Brandon----------------

Ann Sturdivant said...

I will definitely be running again and will continue to stand up for the Taxpayers of Rankin County and the school children of Rankin County schools. Three of the board members who voted to hire the experts now choose to ignore their advice and give almost 5 million dollars to Pearl School District. Taxes will go up in Rankin County and those in the annexed area will see an 11 mil increase immediately.

Ann Sturdivant said...

The President of the Board must remain somewhat neutral. Since I am no longer President, I will now be even more vocal in defense of the taxpayers and school children of Rankin County.

Anonymous said...

Let us talk about the hidden tax on parents called "school supplies".

Why do the teachers, not administrators, demand the most expensive materials?

Why does a second grade student need 300 pencils?

Why at the end of the year do teachers take home the zip locks and left over supplies? Why are they not left for the next incoming class?

When the heck is Rankin going to reign in this greedy behavior?

An appropriate number of supplies at an affordable price is appropriate.

Oh, and I heard, if you don't buy one of the "extra" items they are going to charge you????

Thanks Grumpy.

Anonymous said...

@12:18 She is one of Lynns people and I do believe that is why she is out as will Lynn soon. The next wasted space that needs to go would be Freddy Harrell (Board Attorney). The times are changing for the better at the School Board I do Believe.

Anonymous said...

so the guy that got the board to change direction and vote not to fight legally for our schools --who at approx the same time or within a few months of this was doing a rezoning deal with the city of Pearl on a business rezone or variance-- is the new pres? yep, it's definitely rankin county at its best

Anonymous said...

Lions, tigers and bears, oh my!
No parent will be charged for school supplies. Rumors are unproductive. Why are the REAL issues ignored here?
$700.00 dollars spent to um, change their mind? Hello people, while I have always thought that some disagreement would lead to ultimately better decision being made for our schools, this board divided is not doing well and has not for some time.