Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Signature Duck Stamp Edition Available

News From The Governors Office

July 10, 2012

Governor’s Signature Edition Mississippi
Duck Stamp and Print Available

Drake Green-Winged Teal
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JACKSON –Waterfowl hunters can get an early start on the season by purchasing their 2012/2013 Mississippi Duck Stamp. The stamp is available for purchase and features an image of a drake green-winged teal, photographed by award-winning photographer Joe Mac Hudspeth, Jr.

While being the smallest of North American Ducks, the green-winged teal is highly prized by duck hunters, as it is the second most commonly harvested bird behind the mallard.

The Governor’s Signature Edition is a special collector’s series, prized by duck enthusiasts and historians alike. This collector’s series is sought after because of the unique period in time it represents. The first year of a new governor’s term is the only time this special collector’s series is available.

Mississippi’s history has duck hunting at its heart and sportsmen at the helm. The tradition of a governor signing stamps and numbered prints dates back to 1988. Governor Bryant is an ardent supporter of the Mississippi’s hunting heritage.

A percentage of the proceeds go to the Mississippi Department of Wildlife, Fisheries, and Parks to be used in the continuing effort toward wildlife conservation in Mississippi.

To order, call Joe Mac Hudspeth, Jr. (601) 992-0752 or email joemacjr@bellsouth.net. Visit www.southernfocus.com to view previous Mississippi Duck Stamp/ Sportsman License prints photographed by Joe Mac Hudspeth, Jr.

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