Sunday, July 8, 2012

Who Do You Like - DSL Or Cable?

A reader submitted a question recently asking about internet speeds and offerings for The Rez area. 

Our primary players are AT&T and Comcast with each providing different bundles and internet speeds.   AT&T advertises download speeds ranging from 3Mbs to 24 Mbps. Comcast offers multiple plans with speeds up to 30Mbps.

So, what's best?  The answer is - it depends on what you do and what you are willing to pay for.  Slower speeds cost less but you pay a price in performance - downloads will take longer and some web sites will take longer to load. 

Occasional testing of your connection speed is a good thing to do, it will tell you how fast your service is and prove to you that you're getting what you pay for.  

Testing your speed is easy and free - all you need to do is visit one of the many websites that provide the service. 

So, check your connection and leave us a comment with the type service you use and what "your numbers" are.  We're looking for the download and upload speeds in Mbps and any other comments regarding up-time and customer service. 

An easy web site to use for this process is Speakeasy.  Using the site will not install any software on your system and the process is fast and safe.  

First, go to their site at:

Then select the DALLAS server (just to keep everyone consistent).  The test will begin and usually takes less than one minute.  When it's through you'll see a screen similar to this:

click to enlarge
This image is a test that we did at the International Headquarters for The Rez News.
Our download speed was 24.93 Mbps and upload time was 3.60 Mbps.  It is common (and normal) to see a large spread between the download and upload times, sometimes the variance can be a factor of 10.

We use Comcast High Speed Internet and the service is very fast, as you can see.  It has also been very reliable with little down-time in the 18 months it's been installed.

Test your system and share your numbers and opinions about your service provider.

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DJAlderman said...

I use Comcast for my internet. My numbers are 21.68 download and 3.52 upload. I love Comcast for internet service, but not for TV service. I have never had a problem with their internet service.

Anonymous said...

11.45 and 1.46 using ATT Uverse (12mps).


Anonymous said...

AT&T DSL 2.00Mbps 0.32Mbps
Cable is about 10 times faster than DSL. We've stayed with AT&T since the Comcast bundle means if the cable goes out we lose cable, internet and phone.

Anonymous said...

PRV should provide Internet service.
The area it serves is compact so setting up a system would be inexpensive.
Residents of the Rez could pay less money on Internet service while at the same time the PRV could make some money to pay for cleaning up when the "taxpayers" trash the place.
We could all be getting high speed service for less than what we pay Comcast or ATT.

Anonymous said...

Speed for DSL is 3mb
Speed for AT&T U-verse is 24mb
Speed for Comcast is 12-24mb range

Comcast is the least reliable of the three - but fastest - also when user number increase speed drops off

AT&T U-verse is depended on distance from fiber box - copper to the house won't work if more than 3000 ft from home box

DSL is tied back to the fiber box but has a dedicated circuit at the central CO - best - doesn't go down and if your power is out - using generator you can still access the DSL circuit unless the telephone line is damage from the house to the fiber box

I use DSL for business access and for remote management of servers never down

I also use Comcast for home great speed but varies a lot and goes down daily for brief periods and during the day the speed drops (evening or lunch time).

Anonymous said...

Download speed 4.84 mbps
Upload speed 0.41
ATT providing the service, and I thought I was paying for high speed internet

Anonymous said...

Are you nuts to want the PRV to provide Internet services!
PRV should not exist at all, appointed board that govern us, no representation. We have existing state and local governments that can provide what PRV provides.
Plus less government is better and private groups can do it better with out all of us having to share in the cost!
Government is not the answer people are the answer!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Anonymous says
My use Comcast with download 22.01 Mbps and 3.65 Mbps upload. The response time is very slow. I don't know why.

Anonymous said...

@ 1:04 Apparently you did not do you homework before you moved here. The rules have been in effect before your home was built.

PLUS you are dead wrong to think private enterprise is the answer when it comes to what amounts to a public utility. PRV could provide high speed Internet service at a fraction of the cost of the (not really) "free" market.

"Regulated" utilities have a license to steal. Privately-owned public utilities are a joke. There is no real competition and they charge what they want.

Don't know what your personal problems are with PRV, but they're doing a great job under the circumstances the Legislature gives them.

Anonymous said...

PRV is a 60 year old blight on our freedoms.
I have nothing against the people that work for PRV.
PRV is proof that government entities that are created expand their definition and intent. The parks and wildlife, state, counties and cities should regulate the PRV areas.
Either separate the PRV back to the existing governing entities and eliminate PRV all together.
Or truly separate PRV from all the governing entities form a new county or city and make the board elected from the communities that they serve.

My beef is with over growth of government into our lives. Rankin county can be run leaner but has a lot to learn too but no one wants to take that one on.

If I've offend you I apologize but government is not my parent or my provider I am. That's all I have to say about that!!