Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Rankin School Board Votes To Settle With Pearl

In a hastily called meeting yesterday, the Rankin County School Board voted to settle a lawsuit between Rankin County Schools and the Pearl Public School District.

The lawsuit, filed by Pearl last year, attempted to change the status of land belonging to the RCSD but within the Pearl City Limits.  The land in question was along the El Dorado Road area and the Patrick Farms subdivisions.

The Rankin School board voted 3 to 1 to agree to the settlement.  Those voting for the settlement:  Cecil McCrory, Grumpy Farmer and Ruth Burgess.  Voting against the settlement was Ann Sturdivant - board member Debbie Tolleson was out of town but had previously voted against the settlement.

Highlights of the settlement:

  • Children living in the annexed area who made choices in previous agreements will be allowed to complete their education in the school of their choice
  • Children living in the annexed will have 1 year from the date of settlement to choose what school district they wish to attend.  
  • After the one year selection option expires all new children moving to the area or those who did not make a choice will be required to attend Pearl Public Schools. 
  • Neither Pearl or the Rankin School District will file any legal action seeking to change the agreement for a period of 12 years. 
  • Rankin County School District will continue to collect the ad valorem tax and pay Pearl a fee for each student in the settlement area that attends Pearl Schools. 
The agreement will have to go before a U.S. District Court and the U.S. Department of Justice before it becomes final.

Copy of the legal documents here:

Consent Order For The Enlargement Of Pearl Attendance Zone

Joint Motion For Approval and Entry Of Consent Order For Enlargement
of Pearl Attendance Zone

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