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Rankin Schools Launch Scholarship Resource

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Rankin County School District launches scholarship page for parents and students

Brandon, MS--- Preparing for college can be overwhelming mentally, emotionally and financially. To assist parents and students with this, the Rankin County School District (RCSD) launched a college preparation and scholarship page on the RCSD website to help them with information and financial support. The website has information on various types of financial assistance, college preparation, information on state and out-of-state colleges and universities and the United States Military.

“The scholarship page isn’t just for high school students—it’s for everyone. Even the parents of our youngest students can begin to discover the wide variety of scholarships are available to help with the expenses of college,” said RCSD Superintendent Dr. Lynn Weathersby.

The website lists a variety of scholarships such as academic, athletic, national, state and local, the arts and minority scholarships. Although the scholarship opportunities listed are not exhaustive, it does provide a starting point for scholarship search.

“This website was developed to help students navigate the opportunities they have after high school. The page is one more tool for students and parents to use to help them gain more information about the scholarships that are available to them. Each year, many scholarships go unused and we wanted our students to apply for and earn as many of these dollars as possible,” said RCSD Director of Counseling Charlotte Christian.

In 2012, RCSD graduating seniors were awarded over $19 million in scholarships from colleges and universities in Mississippi and across the nation. Five RCSD high schools saw a jump in scholarship offers to their students: Florence, McLaurin, Northwest Rankin, Pelahatchie and Pisgah. In particular, Pelahatchie High School seniors were awarded $1,195,660 in scholarships in 2012, up from 2011’s $266,790.

“Our students received nearly $1 million more this year than last year. I am so proud of them and the work they did to earn these dollars. The cost of tuition and the overall expense of college continues to skyrocket. Every dollar awarded helps,” said Pelahatchie Principal Shane Sanders. “I want my students to apply for all types of scholarships.”

For more information go to and click the scholarships tab, or speak with one of RCSD’s counselors.

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