Thursday, September 13, 2012

Gator Tales -Two

Great newsletter produced by the PRVWSD that covered the events of the 2nd annual GATOR TALES event. Also news specific to Rez leaseholders.


The Rez News


Anonymous said...

Great to see you are doing well. We have missed your Rez news coverage. God speed.

Steve Clark PRV said...

For those of you that don't already know, Jim passed away Wed. Sept. 19th at 6:00 am.
His love and devotion the the reservoir will be missed.

Anonymous said...

Steve, I saw that on Jackson Jambalaya. I am very sorry to hear that. I knew Jim had been sick, but of course, did not know the extent of his illness. I did not know Jim personally, but I had emailed him on multiple occasions, and he was very gracious to respond. And this blog is top notch. Jim will be missed. May God bless his family during this time.

A different JimAtTheRez