Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Spillway Road at the Rez: Making the Rez Beautiful

The Rez News is back! And for starters, we wanted to share some positive news out here at the Rez in honor of our friend, Jim McDowell In short, we've all missed Jim and his tenacity for getting things done and for his leadership in our community. Jim would have loved to see this! His committment to the Reservoir Community was unwavering. This past weekend a number of people were out and about enjoying the unusually warm October weekend and making some improvements to the new park area along Spillway road (see map below for the area).
We welcome your comments and look forward to bringing you ALL the news out here at the Rez. While we will never replace Jim, we are working with a team of committed Rez community members to bring you the News important to you.

NOTE: If it is a park, the PRV might consider taking down the "Keep off the Grass" signs. ;)

The event, held on October 13, is connected with Keep America Beautiful’s National Planting Day and was supported by Keep the Rez Beautiful, a non-profit affiliate of Keep America Beautiful.

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