Monday, October 22, 2012

We're back.

The Rez News is back. Jim McDowell was a good friend of mine and I know how much his blog and the Reservoir meant to him. He was a one-man archive of all things Ross Barnett Reservoir. It seemed a shame to see his work go away when he unexpectedly left us a few week ago. Jim was loved and well-respected by many. This blog was his baby and it deserves a better fate than to disappear into internet never-never land.

 His son and I are now operating TRN. Jim told me more than once Jackson Jambalaya inspired him to start his blog. He always thought the people who lived around the Rez were not properly represented and had no voice. If there was one thing he believed in, it was in helping his neighbors have more of a say in how they are governed than they do now. Jim later started posting more news about Rankin County but the Rez above all is what mattered most to him. We are going to keep the blog going in the same vein as Jim did: a source of info and dialogue for those who live around the Rez.

 A group of us will be contributing authors. Senator Josh Harkins will keep us updated on all things legislature. I'll keep posting the crime reports, PRVWSD minutes, and other relevant information. Kaptain Kangaroo is a Rez Rat and will contribute as well. There are some others who have agreed to contribute on a regular basis. Feel free to submit your photos, suggestions, and tidbits as we move along. If there is a bake sale on Spillway or something happening on the Ridgeland side, even a lost dog, tell us about it. Feel free to email me at This blog is going to be a team effort so any offers to join the team are welcome.


Anonymous said...

Fantastic. Thanks a million for taking over and saving the Rez News. I will be keeping my eyes and ears open for any news also. Best regards, A Daily Reader.

Leslie said...

Thanks so much for doing this!

Anonymous said...

Best news I've heard all week. Thank you all for getting this back up and running. I'm adding this back to my favorites bar.