Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Election Results

By 11:00 p.m. last night, the Rankin County Election Commission had counted 52 of 53 precincts, or 98.11% of the vote.  Oakdale, with 3,172 registered voters, was the one precinct that had not been counted.  All of the below numbers are subject to these unofficial results, and Oakdale's uncounted votes.

So far, voters turned in a total of 56,804 ballots.  Not surprisingly, the Romney/Ryan ticket carried Rankin County with 75.04% of the Presidential vote.  Surprisingly, the Green Party's offering of Stein/Honkala actually garnered 85 votes.

In the Senate, Roger Wicker received a higher percentage of the vote in Rankin County than Romney/Ryan (by 1.5%).

Fellow Rankin Countian, Gregg Harper, scared off all but a Reform party opponent in his Congressional Race.  As a result, he coasted to victory with over 88% of the vote.

Rankin County voters also made certain their ideology transferred to the Mississippi Supreme Court.  There, we gave Bill Waller 76.76% of the vote.

More local results after the jump.

Now, onto local races.  It was a tight race for District 1 Election Commissioner.  Kenneth "Kenn" Munn defeated Kelly Wedgeworth by less than 100 votes.  This District does not fall in the Oakdale precinct; as a result, it is not expected to change.

Sandra Ann Martin wins reelection for District 3 Election Commissioner.  Her biggest opponent, Write-In, received only 81 votes.

Eric Baldwin leads Shelton E. McKay for District 4 Election Commissioner by over 1,000 votes.  Note this falls in the Oakdale Precinct, however, I highly doubt the final result will change.

In the District 5 Election Commission race, C.L. "Charlie" Pittman defeated Milton S. Brown by a slim margin (72.39% to 27.36%).

As for the District 3 School Board race, Ruth Burgess wins reelection.  Voters cast 8,924 votes; Burgess received 5,493, or 61.55% of them.

Here are the results for the Reservoir:

Thomas E. Yates, III, wins reelection to District 2 Election Commissioner.  13,050 votes were cast (by far the most among the five Districts).  Sixty-six were write ins.  Yates received 5,396, or 41.35% of the vote.  Leslie Foshee Lewis received 4,826, or 36.98% of the vote.  Sharon Berry received 2,762, or 21.16% of the vote.

Ann M. Sturdivant found victory far easier.  She received 7,545 votes.  That translates to 66.43% of the vote.  The uncounted Oakdale Precinct is mathematically eliminated from relevance.

Feel free to chime in.  Were the results as you expected?

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