Thursday, November 1, 2012

Keeping Us Safe During Halloween

Here is a good story on the men and women in uniform keeping our streets safe.  May we never take for granted the benefits of living in such a low crime area.  Beginning at 5 p.m., and at least three times thereafter, Rankin County deputies slowly patrolled my neighborhood's (Millcreek) streets.  I was grateful each time I saw their lights.  I thought it was a cool idea for WJTV to hitch a ride.


Anonymous said...

As always, our officers are underappreciated. They do tireless work to serve and protect us. It really bothers me to hear people complain about our law enforcement...they should walk/ride a few miles in their shoes. And no, neither I, nor anyone in my immediate family work in law enforcement. Thanks guys and gals for eveything you do for us.


Anonymous said...

Nice! Am too impressed yearly.
So where was Rez Patrol?