Friday, November 2, 2012

Rankin County Elections (Sample Ballot Included)

Tuesday, November 6 is election day.  In addition to voting for President, Senator, Congressman, and Mississippi Supreme Court Justice, there are a couple of elections that effect just those of us in the Reservoir District, to wit:

Election Commissioner (District 2):  Thomas E. Yates, III, is the incumbent.  He is challenged by Sharon Berry and Leslie Foshee Lewis.

School Board (District 4):  Ann M. Sturdivant is the incumbent.  She is challenged by Jeffrey Payne and James Roberts.

A sample ballot for Rankin County can be found here.

Please vote.


Anonymous said...

the school board is in dire need of change, 31 years is way to long.
New blod new ideas from someone who has children in school.

Anonymous said...

Question: If a person has to read and write English to pass the test to become a United States citizen, why is the ballot instructions in south Florida printed in English and Spanish.

Anonymous said...

A rankin county resident should not have to pay to get in the reservoir parks. We are already paying for these