Monday, November 12, 2012

Run Off Election November 27

Rankin County will hold a run-off election on November 27 for District 1 and 2 Election Commissioner.  The run-off is necessary insofar as no candidate received a majority of the votes.  

District 1 represents Southwest Rankin County (all West of Highway 49, plus the Cities of Richland and Florence).  In the general election, Kenneth "Kenn" Munn led Kelly Goff Wedgeworth 4,115 votes to 3,284 votes.  

District 2 represents the Reservoir (nearly all residential property North of Lakeland Drive).  In the general election, Thomas E. Yates led Leslie Foshee Lewis 5,396 to 4,826 votes.  

Election Commissioners share the same districts as Supervisors.  A map of the Supervisors' Districts can be found here.  Check the map to see if you are affected by the run-off election.  Keep in mind, the late November date may be a time for vacationing or visiting out of town family.  If so, remember to vote absentee before you leave town.  


Anonymous said...

You need to re-visit Supervisor District map. District 1 is the Southwest portion of the county.

Troy Odom said...

Thank you, Anon, I'll make the correction.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Yates is the incumbent and has done a fantastic job, infact I believe he has been elected chair by his peers.

Anonymous said...

Has there been an endorsement by the 3rd candidate Berry?

Anonymous said...

Yes, there has been a endorsement by Berry for Thomas Yates!