Tuesday, November 6, 2012


I just returned from voting at the Grant's Ferry Precinct (St. Mark's Methodist Church).  Good turnout so far.  Here is a tip that likely applies no matter the precinct:  Don't just walk up and stand in line.  Investigate whether there are different lines depending on last name.  For example, the line out the door at St. Mark's was solely for M-Ps.  Folks walking up would automatically assume the line was for all voters.  However, the lines for A-G, H-L and Q-Z were short, and completely inside the building.  Someone with the last name of Adams could vote fairly quickly.  Odom, on the other hand . . . .

Voting is such a negligible obligation for the benefit of living in this great country.  I'm thankful every day for our freedom, which includes the right to elect our leaders.

Remember to thank the poll workers.

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