Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Scot Allen Announces Candidacy

Continuing with our political theme, we have Scot Allen's formal announcement, reprinted below:

I am Scot Allen and I announce my candidacy for the office of State Representative for House District 59. The District is composed of the Reservoir area in Rankin County, part of Flowood, and part of Brandon. I humbly ask for your vote in the upcoming election on January 8th.

My Wife, Marley, and I live in the Mill Creek subdivision in the Reservoir area. We have 2 daughters, Elizabeth, age 5, and Emily, age 11, who attend Rankin County public schools. Marley and I are small business owners. I am a real estate broker. I also operate a trucking firm with 12 trucks in service and over twenty employees. My proudest accomplishment is creating jobs for other people. Creating jobs for others is what motivated me to seek this office. 

It seems that each election cycle, for local offices, county offices or state offices, candidates are “conservative” and “pro-business” during their campaigns while trying to get votes. However, once the elections are over, the yard signs are taken down, and the billboards are converted to other uses, the officials forget their pro-business promises. Once in office, they bend to the pressure of special interest, and find that the easiest path to follow is to curry favor by handing out our tax dollars. 

These people don’t understand a fundamental principle necessary to being “pro-business”: every dollar spent on taxes is a dollar not spent on payroll. As incredible as it sounds, this simple fact is only faintly understood by many if not most of our elected officials. Why should they understand— most have never felt the pressure of meeting payroll every week, knowing if you fail, your workers and their families will suffer.

I am running for this office as I understand this point they all too often ignore. The multiple layers of government which regulate and tax businesses in our country, state and county place too heavy a burden on the backs of job creators. I am joining the fight for jobs and economic growth.

My platform is simple and my commitment to you is simple and straight-forward. I will promote creating jobs without being influenced by special interest groups with their campaign donations and sweetheart deals. To back up this commitment, I have decided to finance my campaign for office out of my own pocket.

I humbly ask for your vote on January 8th to serve as your State Representative.  Please contact me at 601-832-9595 for further information.

Scot Allen


Kingfish said...

Knock it off.

Troy Odom said...

Sorry about that. I just noticed it was a reprint. You're too prolific, Kingfish.

Anonymous said...

the Scott Allen for House #59 signs look just like the Scott Allen for supervisor signs ?