Sunday, December 2, 2012

Special Election Set

Governor Phil Bryant set January 8 as the date for the special election to fill the vacated District 59 House seat.  Former Representative Kevin McGee resigned in December after having served one year of his second, four year term.  District 59 covers the majority of what is considered the Rankin County side of the Reservoir.  A map of the current lines for District 59 can be found here.  A map of redistricted District 59, to be implemented in 2015 can be found here.  The special election will be pursuant to the current District 59 lines, which includes a portion of Crossgates.

Pursuant to news reports, two potential candidates, both Reservoir residents, have indicated they will be running, Brent Powell and Bradley Lum.  According to a recent article in the Rankin County News, the qualifying deadline with the Mississippi Secretary of State is December 10.  Therefore, official announcements can be expected soon.

With such a short trigger, the race will likely be exciting.  We will try to get official statements from the candidates once the field is set.

The latest Clarion Ledger article on the Special Election can be found here.

Sam Hall, of the Clarion Ledger, is doing a good job of keeping us updated on the latest in this race.  You can follow his blog here.


Anonymous said...

thanks Troy, who is seeking this House seat?
Phil Bryant beat Francis Savage for it then reisgned to become auditor, Charlie Ross was elected, then Clayton Smith and lastly Kevin.

Troy Odom said...

Only Bradley Lum and Brent Powell have affirmatively stated to the media they are running (I may be missing something). There are rumors of others, but I've seen no confirmation. With the qualifying deadline coming Monday, we'll get our hands on the official list soon.

Anonymous said...

Is Lum a lawyer?