Wednesday, December 19, 2012

The Latest Draft of Proposed Rez Community District Ordinances

The latest draft of the proposed Reservoir Community District (previously referred to as the Overlay District) Ordinances are below.  From what I understand, no more significant changes are expected prior to consideration by the Board of Supervisors.  I believe the "sign" portion of these ordinances simply incorporate identical language employed by the Pearl River Valley Water Supply District.  If so, uniformity is likely a good thing.  Enjoy!

Overlay Ordinances

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Anonymous said...

There are some really scary "power grab" rules in there. This is a slippery slope and some of these rules are really scary to me. I understand wanting to protect property values, but I only read the first 2 pages so far and fell like a criminal already... Scary stuff..

Anonymous said...

Looks good.
@ 11:21 - If you are guilty of any of that, you should be ashamed of yourself.

Anonymous said...

It is scary.

What happened to all the discussion relative to rental properties?

I assume failure to comply with these ordnances result in civil fines and not criminal fines.

So if I am abusing the “ruler” rule on the height of my grass, what happens? A ticket? Payable to …? Sheriff, Rez police? Is the fine like a dollar per square foot penalty? Is the ticket the same amount for 13 inch high grass as it is for five foot high grass?

I think enforcement is going to be a tricky thing. Ticket someone for some of the items noted in the homeowners Bill of Wrongs and maybe they will pull a civil attorney out of their pocket and have a little fun. Hope there is enough in the Bill of Wrong Bank for my hack of a lawyer to feed on. Tack on a little extra for going after the elderly.

I would pay admission to go to that civil hearing. Now there is an income opportunity.

What are the plans for the new revenue stream?

“Rez, The City” can be our new catch phrase.

Oh no, my mailbox stand is crooked. Better get busy.

Scary Indeed.

Anonymous said...

Wow, talk about some seriously tight-a**ed individuals writing this crap. Looks like the normal people of the rez are going to have to spread the word about this obnoxious power grab. This gentrification attempt is just silly. These people should be ashamed of themselves, but we all know that people this self absorbed don't have the capacity to do so.

Anonymous said...

If there are no requirements to inspect rental properties, it is time to start looking for somewhere else to live. I'm distressed rental property wasn't addressed. Ready to declare this a failure.

Anonymous said...

This is laughable. I believe Jim would even say this is overdone. Josh, I hope you are reading this closely.

Who the hell is going to enforce this? I can see it now, increased enforcement will cost money and with that comes taxes. Bullshit.

This is exactly what I feared.

Anonymous said...

@ 2:40
Reservoir Patrol can issue citations and Justice Court will collect the fines.
No problem.
It won't take long before the community looks better.

Anonymous said...

I've read all of these sites and I will never support this type of governance.

I own my property and my freedom is to do with it what I may. If someone has an issue with my way then they can take me to civil court! But to make things undefined illegal because of the the community is wrong!

All of these ordinances should be defeated!

Freedom of ownership will be lost if this comes to past.

Anonymous said...

The missing rental property section is worrisome.

Quite frankly, if you want to live like white trash take your strewn garbage cans, tarped carports, lean-to storage sheds and uncut grass deep into the heart of Rankin County. Reality is what it is. We live in an unincorporated area of the county that has a higher population than most of the surrounding cities in the metro. We don't pay city taxes, which is nice. We do, however, have city problems. Code is one of them.

If this isn't brought under control, say hello to the new South Jackson, which is littered with unkempt rental houses. Some of those used to be really nice.

Anonymous said...

Rental property is covered under section 2610 (utility release). Efforts to improve the appearance of all property is essential to maintaining property values, but nothing is more important to the overlay as addressing rental property issues

Anonymous said...

Ok, Jackson has laws to govern the same thing you want to control here and they can not get the job done. What makes you think PRVWD or Rankin County can do a better job.

Can't you get it that putting these laws in place now turns you into a communist style state, that is what the whole wants is what the individual has to do even if just one in the whole doesn’t like what you do!

Is this not the United States of America with freedom of property ownership. Which means if you don't like where you are you can move and purchase something elsewhere. Better yet form a group of property owners to purchase the homes or property in question and maintain them yourself to keep your property values! That’s better than putting it into the government’s hands!!!!

Your "White Trash" and Jackson statement indicates to me that you don't want those people to live next door to you. Little racist in my book but I won't take this reply that direction.

If I choose to park my car in my yard off of my concrete driveway that I paid for, then I have that right. I paid for what I have. I have taken care of it in my own way. If you are concerned about renters then place the restriction only on rental property owners.

To conform to the garbage can, ATV, trailers and yard equipment requirement at my house I would have to put up a privacy fence around my back yard to block the view of these items from the roads that are in front and behind my home. Ok who is going to cover that expense? I can grow my flower beds to 12’ but if my yards gets to 12” then I’ve violated the law!!!!

Subjective judgement can only produce inequality in application of the law. With out clear standards that are well defined with pictures and clear definitions of what the law is going to control how and why. You did it with the “SIGNS” and “SOUND” section. I have a industrial design back-ground and details are where it’s at! But government doesn’t deal in details they deal in dictation and collection!!!

Driving North Shore (heading north) just before you get off the bridge I can see boats hanging in their boat houses is that a Public Nuisance? Also there are a lot of boats, ATV's, motor homes, more than two cars and lots of garages/carports that are full of stuff that someone could consider clutter!!!! What about the pumping stations for sewer system and electrical distribution stations that are exposed, you need to fence them up so we can not see them!!!! What if I don't like the flowers in your yard and I see one noxious plant, I’m making a phone call for a complaint and you will have to deal with it!
What about cutting down all those trees when you build a home or business should we keep them and build around trees? Just joking!

Another example, if I paint my house Pink and everything else (driveway, fences, trees and mailbox - flamingos wont’ have to be painted) would this be a public nuisance? It would be for someone else?? The primary words are “ONE PERSON's objections”.

I choose to live here, my house is paid for and my children go to school at NWR. I can sell my home to one of those other people and move on down the road! Then what are you going to do! You still have to deal with it but it’s going to be in your NAZI way.

What about those who are on fixed income and have limited funds to maintain their homes you going to put the added burden on them and the raft of the local governing bodies that won’t care because they have a law to enforce and fines to collect! That’s where you pitch in and help them not call the government!

I drove through one neighborhood and If these laws are put in place then there will be over 300 violations that I could file complaints on from these overlay district ordinances!

I thank God for the creation of this country and the Constitution! Because you are about as far away from it as you can get! May God grant you peace with your concerns of property control and value!

Merry Christmas

Anonymous said...

Cute little comment you got there, 2:04. I'm from South Jackson, grew up there. I can call it trashy because I witnessed it first-hand transform from a well-kept middle class area to a rundown slum. And if my white trash comment bothers you about the state of affairs that is your house, tough. The condition of your home costs me money. It also costs the school district money. The higher the property values, the better. Pick up your trash, park your "stuff" in the backyard and keep up your yard. It isn't difficult. You can bemoan gentrification all you want, but these codes will happen.

And Jackson's leadership is incompetent. You know this if you've read a newspaper or watched the news the past decade. Hinds County too. The fact that our leaders are addressing this issue tells me they are serious about cleaning up the neighborhoods surrounding the Rez. This is a good thing.

Anonymous said...

@ 2:04

Enforcing these laws won't be difficult at all. Property owners have a right to protect property and propety values.

Without codes and code enforcement, there would be nothing to prevent me from turning my home into a "Gentleman's Club," perhaps a pink one.

Courts have consistently upheld ordinances such as these. May I suggest Robin Hood Estates.

Anonymous said...

The white trash comments come across a little uncivil.

This is a very serious, emotional discussion. I have attended a couple public hearings on the matter and it was a very ‘charged and passionate” discussion. So can’t this discussion be less accusatory, demeaning?

I seem to recall a more in-depth discussion specific to rental property in previous drafts. Section 2610 included in this draft has a lot less content. Can the leadership of these proposed ordinances explain why they are no longer included? Are renters simply classified as homeowners for the purpose of these ordnances? Or am I missing something completely?

Something this serious and controversial should be presented to the very public that it affects for approval. So why can’t this be put to a vote? Aren’t we having a special election Jan 8th in the geographic areas affected by these proposed ordinances?

I assume the approval of these ordinances would be an agenda item for an upcoming Rankin County Board of Supervisors meeting. Can the ordinance leadership provide an answer please?

If enough of the citizenship attends this board meeting to engage in a healthy, civil discussion about these ordinances, maybe the Board will agree to let the public at large decide whether to adopt or not adopt the proposed ordinances.

Anonymous said...

Yes, I agree that protection of property values is a concern for myself and most owners but having the all knowing government to make that call is not their job.

It's our job, the sub-division you are in can form or use existing HOA that have elected membership and leadership structure. The sub-division next to yours can make the same choice. Then use the civil courts to claim your loss in value because of someone's property management choices.

What if someone sales a house below it's value you going to stop that or collect your loss in value. What about banks that foreclose and short sell doesn't that have an affect. "Agent 21" type controls that tell you that the whole or planet is more important than the one are not acceptable. This is a reversal of our founding principals.

Yes, putting a PINK GM club next door would not be acceptable or allowed. The county's existing governance or the Sherif would not allow that to happen.

Addition governances that take my rights away will not be accepted unless as individuals we have a right to vote it up or down. No one person on a board who thinks that they speak for everyone in their district, because that is impossible for them to do, be real.

So if my grass or no grass at all affects your value then come to me and express your concerns quit hiding be hide someone in the government who doesn't have a dog in this fight!

The county raised our property taxes a few years back due to the re-valuation of our property values. My taxes increased by 38% but Rankin County board reduced our milage in the old game of "We lowered your tax rate!" but knew that the re-valuation was coming. They will get their tax money no matter what!!! Which tells me that we never really own our property because if we don't pay then they will take it away!!! Is this real ownership? The property tax loss concern for schools is lame.

If you make the governance over property ownership to rigid then getting others to buy your property at an optimal value will be limited. That's when people start walking away from their responsibilities because there are to many issues to deal with. Urban blight has always been an issue but it is up to the property owners to band together to control and address those issues.

The true root cause of all of this is the PRVWD desire to grow and fund itself though OVER development of reservoir property. When they should only be concerned with drainage, settlement abatement and lake level control. All other services, police, fire, water, sewer, building and animal control can be addressed by the city/county governments that your property may reside! At least we elect those folks!

Rankin County Board of Supervisors don't have what it takes to put this to a vote by the citizen's! They are all knowing and can see the future!