Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Election Returns Below; Powell Wins Outright

Just South of 3,000 votes were cast yesterday in the Special Election to fill Kevin McGee's unexpired District 59 House seat.  Four candidates were duly qualified: Scot Allen, Benny Hubbard, Bradley Lum and Brent Powell.  In the end, Powell captured more than 50% of the vote to avoid the necessity of a run-off.

Scot Allen pulled 152 votes.
Benny Hubbard pulled 553 votes.
Bradley Lum pulled 724 votes.
Brent Powell pulled 1515 votes.

These are all unofficial.  You can go to the Election Commission's website to verify.

Precinct by precinct results can be found here, and those are the interesting numbers (to me).  Stat of the day: Reservoir East Precinct has half the registered voters as Holbrook Precinct, yet more total showed up to vote at the RE Precinct than Holbrook.  Never underestimate the power of your neighbor's vote.

More interesting numbers come from the Campaign Finance Reports, to wit: (As of January 2, 2013)

Lum spent $20.48 per vote.
Powell spent $13.51 per vote.
Allen spent $5.54 per vote.
Hubbard spent $3.81 per vote.


Anonymous said...

Well, in spite of a last minute smear campaign and personal attacks, it looks like Powell was the favorite. Even when I asked about the lawsuit from a legal standpoint, I was attacked. (And still have no reply to its' basis)
I do not know Powell, don't know that I have ever met him. I didn't even vote.

Anonymous said...

Lum can leave now

Kingfish said...

For a winner, you sure are a crybaby. Yes: C-r-y-b-a-b-y
Its a good thing Mr. Powell has thicker skin than you do or else he would make a lousy legislator.

Anonymous said...

Is there anyone here that can help Kingfish back to the nursing home? It appears he is not properly medicated.
I had an uncle the same way. He would start an argument with himself and then want to fight about it.

Anonymous said...

those big Lum signs are starting to smell like rotten fish, it's time they come down.