Monday, January 14, 2013

Federation of Reservoir Homeowners Meeting Today

I caught word the Federation of Reservoir Homeowners and Pearl River Valley Water Supply District will have a joint meeting this afternoon at 3:30 p.m., at the Reservoir Community Center, to discuss the construction of certain condos proposed by John Burwell.

I'm trying to get information from the actual source and will post once obtained.


Anonymous said...

Any word on what was decided? Hope whatever Burwell proposed was shot down.

Anonymous said...

Nothing decided.
Burwell's architect presented revised drawings of the apartment complex they are trying to call "condos."
A homeowners group leader expressed the reminder that the PRVSD make certain that the project is not started and abandoned or partially finished.
Also it was made clear that the dwellings would be owner occupied.
Burwell apparently thinks he can sell 53 apartments at an average cost of $400,000 a pop overlooking a small harbor filled with small boats and houseboats.
PRV ought to require him to sell a minimum of 25 units before the first shovel of mud is turned.
This is beyond laughable as a serious project.