Thursday, January 24, 2013

Sign Laws Exemplified

Caveat:  Obviously, there are more important things to worry about in this world; however, this was too perfect of an example of what I posted earlier.  I saw it while driving to work this morning.  I'm not advocating the ruthless prosecution of the offender here; I'm just using them as an example of the interpretation and application of PRVWSD Regulations.  

Here, we have a sign exhibiting purely commercial speech placed on PRVWSD property (North intersection of Spillway and Hugh Ward).  As a result, PRVWSD Regulations apply.

"College Hunks Hauling Junk" company.  Sounds quirky and hip, right?  Perhaps you thought it was an ambitious group of Reservoir boys trying to make a little spending money while attending MC or Millsaps.  Incorrect.  Its a national chain, and the local franchise is located at 810 Foley Street, Jackson, MS.  It looks like this Jackson moving company shotgunned the Reservoir with signs, and slouched back to Hinds County, without caring about whether they had the legal right to do so.

Article 7 of the PRVWSD Regulations controls.  This sign is in obvious violation of Reg. 7.4.2.  Luckily, Reg. 7.10.4 makes this violation a misdemeanor and, if so inclined, the PRVWSD could levy a $50 fine per day on the local franchisee. I imagine they could collect it per sign as well, though the regulation doesn't spell that out precisely.  


Anonymous said...

What about "For Rent" signs along public roads, soliciting renters for private property in neighborhoods? Get rid of them!!

Troy Odom said...

The Overlay District is projected to adopt, in large part, the District's sign ordinances. As a result, those type signs, unless exempted, will be in violation if the Overlay is adopted.

Anonymous said...

With so my restrictions to signs, why is it allowed to post a commercial business sign in a residential area with no sign permit?
A real estate company sign, with business logo, is allowed. What if your friends, family, and neighbors had a sign in their front yard "WE USE JOE'S PLUMBING AND YOU SHOULD TOO. CALL JOE AT 555-1212 FOR PROFESSIONAL SERVICE".
How is that any different than THIS HOUSE FOR SALE BY XYZ REAL ESTATE SERVICE ? And as long as there is a contract on the house, the sign can stay weeks, months, years.