Monday, February 18, 2013

The Latest on the Reservoir Community District

Dear Reservoir Residents,
Thank you for your patience.  The past four years have been a journey that
included countless meetings where everyone has been given an opportunity to
provide input.

In our meetings we identified many concerns that most believed were a
threat to property values and quality of life.  Some of our concerns,
(occupancy limitations, exterior structures, rubbish, debris, accessory
structures and inoperable vehicles) were already addressed by Rankin County.

The other concerns are included as ordinances that will apply in the
proposed Reservoir Community District (RCD) only.  The sign ordinance is
very similar to what is in place on PRV property at this time.

Section 2610 requires a utility permit.  This utility permit is a product
of our belief that all residences must be maintained at the same level of
attractiveness as others in the area.

When a residence has a billing change on electricity, a utility permit has
to be obtained through the Department of Community Development of Rankin
County.  Currently, a rental inspection and annual license exists on PRV
property that costs $100 each.

This inspection will include areas covered by the International Property
Maintenance Code that has been adopted by Rankin County and the ordinances
that have been proposed to become a part of the RCD.  This inspection must
be completed by Rankin County before the electricity can be turned on.  The
cost of the utility permit is $100.  Upon adoption of the utility process
by Rankin County, the PRV intends to cancel its rental license and
inspection requirements.

Attached is a draft of the RCD and a map detailing the area to be included.

If you have any questions, please email me at

Hope to see you on March 4, 2013 at 9:00 a.m. in the Board of Supervisors
meeting room in Brandon as we work to increase property values and maintain
our quality of life.


Homer Burns
President of FRH


Anonymous said...

Meetings seem to all be held during WORK hours when 90% of us are at work, but the politicians and retirees looking for someway to throw there power around are free to attend.

Why are so many areas of the reservoir NOT part of the district? Just north of Northshore parkway is out of bounds but my neighborhood can be annexed in? I have so many doubts about this being a GOOD thing...

KaptKangaroo said...

I agree. I've maintained the efforts of the few are going to impact the many. My concern is not the upkeep of standards, my concern is the usurping of the Rez by those you mention. They are trying to revert to original lease-hold sales pitches as a next step. One thing is certain, it is important to keep a check on these meetings. All said, I do agree with the Overlay DIstrict as a secondary check on the enforcement of standards, however, if it begins to make attempts to limit the functions of the PRV and their associated resources (ie. state land) I will vocal. Very vocal.

Anonymous said...

Fleecing of the community. Plain and simple. How else can we juice people for the opportunity to live here. This sort of thing sickens me. Why don't you do something to enhance the quality of live for those who live here instead of making us think twice about the choice to do so.