Monday, March 11, 2013

Camping at LeFleur's Bluff State Park

An important part of my family's togetherness is camping.  Camping, to me, means tents, no electricity, and solitude.  My wife prefers the comforts of home.  To compromise, we bought a pop-up camper, kitchen sink, toilet and all.  Now, we plan our vacation weekends around various campsites in the South.  Our children make memories, and my adventurous side is satiated.

This past weekend, we tried out LeFleur's Bluff State Park, right down Lakeland Drive.  We've played around at Mayes Lake before, but never stayed at the campground.  Without question, the best campground in the immediate Jackson metro area (Sorry, PRVWSD campgrounds).
My initial hesitation about camping at LeFleur's Bluff was the lack of separation from not only the metropolitan area, but also busy Lakeland Drive.  That proved to be a non-factor.  To be sure, the steady drone of cars was constant; however, the noise was a distant murmur that quickly dissolved.  Soon, the hoot of owls, the splash of fish, and the sounds of laughter covered up any machine-made noise.

A park ranger routinely patrolled the area, calming any thoughts of urban crime seeping into the campground.    The State closed the Park after the recent Pearl River flooding, and just recently reopened.  You could see the after-effects.  A fine dust covered everything (however, the rain last night likely took care of that).  Also, the trees closer to the River had obvious watermarks.  

Deer tracks criss-crossed our camp site.  The kids founds entertainment trying to follow the prints to find out where the deer were coming from, and where they were going.  There was a playground set on the other side of the lake; the perfect distance for hoping on a bike and exploring.

The bathhouses were clean and well-maintained.  Everything about the trip was enjoyable.  The PRVWSD operates successful campgrounds.  Unfortunately, for my family, the camp sites at Goshen Springs, Coal Bluff, Low Head Dam, and Timberlake are too close together, and there are too many permanent residents, for it to feel like camping.  

I recommend LeFleur's Bluff to my Reservoir neighbors.  Whether in a tent or in a motor home, you, and your family, will get your money's worth, and more.  

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