Thursday, March 14, 2013

Demographics for the City of Flowood

The Central Mississippi Planning and Development District has on its website demographic information regarding the City of Flowood (go to the specific Flowood page here).  This information is based on the 2010 census.  I read through the report and found certain information interesting, which I highlight below.  

Remember, this deals solely with the people and property within the municipal limits of the City of Flowood.

Total residential population in 2000 = 5,780.
Total residential population in 2010 = 7,823.
Not an unmanageable population growth.

75.24% White
18.60% Black
3.77% Asian
0.19% Native American
Other races (including latinos) = 0.88%.

55% Male
45% Female

Average size of household = 2.15

Of the 3,498 total households, 1,797 were renter occupied.  That's 51.4%, and that does not seem right.  Does anyone know if that includes apartments? The report simply refers to "housing units" and makes no mention of "apartment" or "multifamily units".

387 of total households were owned free and clear of any liens/mortgage.

Median Household income in 2011 was $47,263.  The average household income was $65,126.

The 25-34 year old age group make up largest population group.  They account for 23% of Flowood's population.

There are a total of 1,373 businesses in Flowood, bringing in 20,717 employees.  That is 2.62 employees to every resident.  Wow.  Retail makes up the largest piece of that pie, followed by Healthcare and Social Services, then Financial & Insurance.

The entire document is posted below.


Anonymous said...

Amazing what you can do if you annex all the tax revenue within reach while avoiding annexation of anyone that can vote.

Anonymous said...

Yes, that 50+% includes apts and is an accurate figure. Ridgeland has more. Check out your co-blogger's post: ""> here