Monday, March 4, 2013

Reservoir Community District Meeting Update

As detailed in prior posts, the public hearing on the Reservoir Community District was held this morning at the Rankin County Board of Supervisors' meeting.  There was a large turn out, the overwhelming majority being in favor of the District.  No vote was entertained; rather, the vote was tabled until March 15, 2013.  An observer noted that passage did not seem likely at this time.  

If anyone who was there has information, opinions, observations, please post them up in the comments section.  


Anonymous said...

I'd pretty much say it's over. The supervisors are too stupid to come around to any meaningful help for the Rez property owners.
They're real proud of themselves as they drive a dagger into the hearts of people who wanted to keep the Rez from being the next South Jackson.

It is a really bad situation.

Best bet for homeowners who want to salvage their financial lives is:

Decide where you want to spend you retirement years and rent or lease your reservoir property. It makes no sense to continue to make payments on your Rez mortgages. You won't be able to sell your property for anything close to what you paid for it. The only way you can get something out of it is to lease it and let the rent help pay the mortgage on your new housing. The blight that has set in in the area for three blocks around Kroger is going to spread quickly. I can see the area predominately black within 10 years. Property values will drop to South Jackson lows and property owners in south Rankin County will see huge tax increases. Currently the Rez pays about half the property taxes collected by Rankin County. In 15 years it won't be paying any property taxes. Anyone thinking of moving to the Rez for retirement needs to simply forget it. I'd recommend Oxford, NE Mississippi, or Lamar Co. outside Hattiesburg.

Anonymous said...

Previous post says it all,would like for that post to be published in every paper in the Brandon/Jackson area.

KaptKangaroo said...

A lot of pessimists around here.

Vicki McDowell said...

Were you there KK, the Supervisors already had there minds made up before the meeting. Mark Baker is behind this and spoke in favor of Overlay along with Josh Harkins and Homer Burns. Many residents spoke begging for a vote of yes for the Overlay District, speaking with such passion it brought tears to my eyes.Yesterday was a sad day for all the hard work the late Jim McDowell put into this, five years to be exact.

Anonymous said...

It is a flat out racket! Too many "other" motives by these politicians! Pathetic, truly pathetic they would entertain allowing a beautiful area like the Reservoir be reduced to garbage, and that is just where it is headed!!

Anonymous said...

Never thought Kennuff Stokes would be an upgrade.

Anonymous said...

Will any of the current Board of Supervisors will be re-elected?

Anonymous said...

I can't believe someone really just posted that they were afraid "blacks" would move in. Real classy. I didn't realize it was 1950 here.

Anonymous said...

@ 1:03

Where was that said?
Why are you having to make up stuff to push your point?
No one is "afraid" blacks will "move in." It is just a statement of fact that they are now moving in and will do so in greater numbers. Nothing wrong with the facts. For YOU to suggest that someone might be "afraid" of the facts indicates you must be a racist.

Anonymous said...

this entire overlay thing has been pursued POORLY.
Guess that's what happens when you have folks with no actual knowledge of what an "overlay plan" is running this show

KaptKangaroo said...


Respectfully, my comment was targeted at the "sky is falling" mentality about the Reservoir.

Anonymous said...

I would encourage everyone who took the time to show up on March 4 to plan to again show up on March 15, and even more! These supervors have a BAD habit of voting on unpopular items when no one is looking. They are hoping we won't come back on the 15th. Let's prove them wrong. The thing that disgusts me the most is the politicing. We like to think we are better than the folks in Washington that can't get it together, but we really aren't. Behind the scenes, under the table, delayed decisions, all part of both bodies of government. In Rankin County, the people have spoken Mr. Supervisors, you have a mandate to vote according to the majority of the people. Get all the facts straight and out in the open. The money this "overlay" will cost will come from rentals and the bond they will need to post in order to rent their properties. Other parts of Rankin County will not need to fund this. Besides, I would think you would want to keep any part of Rankin County desirable, as it affects your part as well. Let's use our heads here, folks!

Anonymous said...


The sky has already fallen.
The Rez is already in sharp decline.
This is not about something that might take place in the future.
People are not moving here anymore to experience a quiet, serene retirement and people are moving out to find a nice place to live.
I don't understand why you keep banging that drum.
The problem is NOW.
I moved out here thinking I could spend the rest of my life here, but now I'm looking for a decent place to live in my retirement.

Anonymous said...

@6:04PM If you can help us with your great knowledge of how to get an overlay defined it would be great of you to share your knowledge.

As Yogi said it aint over until the fat lady sings, so lets see what happens on the 15th.

Anonymous said...

Each property owner should be given their right to vote on this overlay!

Not the RCBOS.

The supervisors don't represent all the people!
Just the small group that elected them!

At this level of government the people should be given the choice to vote!

Ask next time they have to pay their taxes!
Or Just ask like when the tax assessor asks you to declare your status for Homestead exemption!
They ask every year!

Enough Said!

I don't support it and don't want it!

Anonymous said...

Well 5:03 where were you at the meeting. Everyone had a chance to express their thoughts and I don't recall anyone suggesting that we take it to a vote, but based on the numbers that were there you would have been on the low side. The hearing was held and the vote was tabled until March 15 at 9 am. So you still have time to express yourself prior to the vote in the open comments section of a BOS meeting.

Anonymous said...

I agree with most of the above comments. Just look to Clinton or Ridgeland to see the Rez/ Flowood's future. Not saying these are terrible places, but only a blind man can't see the decline or the future. Flowood/Rez has 10-20 years before it becomes the next Clinton/Ridgeland.

As long as Mary Hawkins is in power, Madison will survive, but few politicians have the balls she does.

I'm likely headed to NW Arkansas for retirement. In 50 years, the entire State of Mississippi will be Greenville.

Anonymous said...

One question I have not found anyone to answer is why is the overlay district so oddly shaped? Why does it leave out certain areas and include certain areas? I would be much more in favor of it if it included EVERYWHERE at the Rez and not picking and choosing boundaries.

Anonymous said...

Correct me if I'm wrong,the current supervisors were all re-elected right ? If this is the case we have nobody to blame but ourselves.

Anonymous said...

Well, the supervisor for most of this "overlay" area is Wood Brown, and so far, he is in favor of it. A couple of them are under the influence of the mayors of Flowood and Pelahatchie. I don't know what the problem with the other two are!! I think they mostly say it will take money away from their districts, which is not true as I understand it, so again, what is the problem with passing this? It is oddly shaped because it is just trying to cover areas (not already covered by Flowood) where most of the Rez subdivisions are.

Anonymous said...

Supervisor Greg Wilcox works for the city of Flowood under Mayor Gary Rhoades. I just find that intresting.

Anonymous said...

Hello I am 503

I work during the day out of town!
The RCBOS does not meet for the convenience of the citizen of Rankin county but for their own convenience!!!

If the property owners are being affected by this action then property owners should have the final say!

Mr Brown was not my choice, so he does not stand for me or my property rights.

Again it's down to freedom for individual property rights or the rights of the collective few to control the many!!!

NO to the overlay!

Where's my homestead declaration card????

With the question on it, "Do you support the overlay district for your property?"

Anonymous said...

Hello 503

We all find time to do what we want to do. If it was important to you, you would make time to attend the meeting and make known your wishes.

The homestead declaration card is what it says not a poll.

The RCBOS conduct business during business hours for the convenience of all of the tax payers not just you.

Mr Brown represents the majority of the people in his district and as it was pointed out to you the majority of the folks attending the meeting were strongly in favor of defending their property values with the ordinances that would prevent the person next door devaluing it with their actions or lack of actions.

Where it written that you should have the final say, is it not what the supervisor was elected to do, make the decision for the majority and not the selective few who want to complain but do nothing about it.

Anonymous said...

We were part of the initial group that first conceptualized this with Jim.
However, we were left out of the loop as things progressed and others took over.
Ideas? Well, for one, don't try and get everything in one swoop like this is attempting.
Related to this would be a better written proposal and folks leading who have at least a rudimentary understanding on the concepts proposed.
Next, workshops with real community input with the BOS involved BEFORE requesting a vote would be another.
Additionally, as a previous poster (thanks for post) brought up-have realistic map boundaries.

Anonymous said...

The area between Castlewoods and Rankin County property north of highway 25 is in the city of Flowood.

Anonymous said...

As soon as an overlay ‘enforcement’ takes place against a citizen that is without means to ‘repair’ his home to the ‘subjective’ standards of an overlay, you can bet an attorney will punch Rankin County right in the money. I can see it now … a disadvantaged senior that cannot repair that unsightly problem with his home. In any case, here comes the news ….. Then the lawsuit. Or will the overlay enforcement be selectively applied? Even better, perfect setup for discrimination lawsuits.
Does the Overlay have sufficient funds to withstand a civil action, a counter suit to a criminal action? The answer is no. Rankin coffers and/or their insurance will be the funding source for these matters.
Talk about a crime. The roads are a disaster in many Rez residential areas. Why doesn’t the overlay address that mess as a substandard condition of Rez life?
It’s a slippery slope this thing called Overlay.
But I won’t have a vote to accept it or reject it. BOS has that responsibility.
And I hope they act responsibly.

Anonymous said...

March 10, 2013 at 9:42 AM

Well the RCBOS should find time for the people who pay their bills!
You must be on the payroll for RCBOS by the way you defend them!

They are there for our convenience not theirs!
I have seen supervisors around the state change their times and meeting to accommodate the people their are suppose to represent. Also no video on the cable to see what they do at every meeting!

Mr. Brown was not elected by a majority of the voting public! Go back and check the total registered voters and how many votes he got in the last election.

I defend property value by my action to help those who need help and to keep what I have in good condition. If some one fails to do that then It’s upon me to take the action not the county government!

The RCBOS are not kings! They can make decisions on running the county services but when it comes to telling me what I can and can’t do with my property then it’s time they step aside and the people vote on what directly affects them and their property!

You’re blinded by “I AM RIGHT” syndrome!

The constitution defines our right to property and to select our leaders that will govern with least amount of intrusion into our private lives!

But when people are asked to lead most are over come by the IAR syndrome!

I’ve sat on boards and governing bodies and it’s not about what the supervisors want but what the people want!

Again, your shooting down a simple method to find out how the property owners support this proposed overlay by using the Post Card method to determine who is for, against or just doesn’t care! Simple and cost effective!

Have a great day,

Anonymous said...

Hello 12:27
First Election are held so the registered voters can make a choice. this is determined by how many actually vote not by how many are registered. Second you need to read the International Property Maintenance Code 2006 which at present the county is using to zone land use in county. Third you are free to hold a poll if you want to and present the results to the RCBOS for their consideration.