Monday, March 4, 2013

Zoo Day This Weekend

If the weather is beautiful again, why not treat your kids to the zoo this weekend?

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Anonymous said...

I was there. What a dog and pony show. People talking back and fourth Sups asking question of Mr. Burns him asking Mr. Edwards questions. There item in there both Mr. Edwards and the Sheriff said could not be enforced. What this amount to is these people want a HOA and the county to foot the bill for the enforcement. There is property now the county has fail to get cleaned up for over TWO years. These folks think once a complaint is filed it will be handled in just a week or two, HA, try MONTHS, years. Then the JC Judge may not rule or like in one case the property owner did not show for court but no warrant for his arrest was issued... This has GOOD OLE BOY all over it. Oh and by the way Mr. Roy was Edwards(building code guy) last day was today!