Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Alcohol sales at the Reservoir

Many bills were introduced in the Legislature this past session affecting the Reservoir.  Most of the attention focused on either the Overlay or providing municipal powers to the District.  One bill that stayed under the table, for the most part, would have provided "resort status" to the Rankin County side of the PRVWSD.  "Resort status" does not mean cabanas, water slides, and spa treatments.  Rather, in terms used by the Mississippi Legislature, resort status means alcohol sales, specifically liquor.  If you haven't notices, liquor sales are absinthe from Reservoir-area restaurants.

Certain pockets in Rankin County have resort status, Flowood being one.  If you ask the owner of Cerami's, he credits Flowood's resort status with giving his once sluggish business a shot in the arm.  As a matter of fact, Alissa Cerami stated to WLBT, "[w]e wouldn't have stuck around in this area if it wasn't for being able to serve liquor and wine."  Thus, as far as Cerami's is concerned  the proof is in the pudding.  Bob Crechale indicated liquor will be a determinable factor on where he moves his restaurant; the inference being, he prefers the Reservoir area.  Further, the City of Brandon is presently pushing for liquor sales.  Reaction from Brandon residents include both cheers, booze, and a little whining on both sides.  Detractors say the proposition is whiskey, err, I mean risky.  Proponents say Brandon is presently scraping the bottom of the barrel when it comes to good restaurants.  

This hot topic has been brewing for a while.  Ultimately, resort status for the Reservoir died in committee.  Bob Crechale may need to ponder a while longer where to move his restaurant.  What are your thoughts?


Anonymous said...

Chain restaurants are our future if we can't get locals to open quality restaurants. That is dependent upon liquor sales, so let the liquor flow.

Anonymous said...

Chain restaurants aren't coming unless they can sell liquor as well. Its down to $$$. You can operate elsewhere, sell, and increase the revenue. Restaurants, short of fast food, are not going to locate in PRVWSD unless they can sell liquor by the glass.

Anonymous said...

I can understand who some areas close to the Reservoir would seek Resort Status; however the current petition is being circulated is applicable to "land owned by the Pearl River Valley Water Supply District located in Rankin County." Some of these areas are NOT APPROPRIATE for such uses. I would be in favor of including the intersection of Old Fannin Rd and Nothshore Parkway and land west of this intersection, I would not be in favor or such uses in the commercial areas close to residential area such as Bay Park, Harbor View, Bridgetown, Arrowhead, Forest Point. These older commercial areas could attract beer/hamburger establishments that could be open 24/7. Seems like the businesses controlled by Rankin County such as Sways and the Bowling Alley would be most appropriate.

The current petition should be amended to indicate specific areas. This is the way cities/counties submit their applications.

Anonymous said...

What exactly are the nuts and bolts of this?
- beer, wine, and liquor?
- Alcohol % by weight for each?
-all of PRV land on Rankin side?
- what % of total sales from alcohol is allowed?
- what other than hotels and restaurants can serve?
- what constitutes a restaurant on PRV land?
- can alcohol be sold and given away?
- can alcohol be sold at PRV parks?
- what times of the day can alcohol be sold? 24-7 or different?
- why is the PRV and Rez Foundation pushing this if additional sales of alcohol don't result in additional tax revenue for PRV?

Anonymous said...

I just don't understand why so many people tend to lower their own standards thinking alcohol is such a vital part of their lives.
"No quality restaurant can survive without alcohol" REALLY???
Makes me wonder how society has made it as far as it has.........
OH, and BEFORE you attack this posting, tell me this, how many clinics do you know of that help you start drinking vs. the number of clinics that help drunks get sober?

Anonymous said...

Rez Foundation?
Rez Federation?
Homer Burns?
Can anyone answer the questions posed by 9:10?

Troy Odom said...

I encourage you to contact the PRVWSD directly. They are the only ones that can answer all. Many answers can be found in one of my prior posts, http://www.thereznews.com/2014/02/hb-836-bringing-vibations-to-prvwsd.html

In particular, you may want to take a look at the statute cited therein, i.e., the Local Option Law, and the proposed bill.

That being said, I believe we are talking about liquor being sold by the glass in restaurants on the Rankin Side of things, in commercial zones. I bet a main goal of the PRVWSD or the Foundation is to make commercial property value go up (bigger lease rate).