Thursday, April 25, 2013

Best High Schools in Mississippi (According to US News and World Report)

Using the criteria of Student/Teacher ratio, College Readiness, and proficiency in Algebra and English, U.S. News & World Report issued its opinion on the best schools in Mississippi.  Not surprisingly, there is a Rankin County School in the top 4 (ranked 2088th nationally).  What is striking is it's Pelahatchie Attendance Center.  Northwest Rankin appeared to score high -- well above average on college readiness and English proficiency, and slightly above average on algebra -- but a high student/teacher ratio appears to have kept it from a top spot.  

Without a doubt, there are far more comprehensive, and accurate, rankings available. If you search for best Mississippi high schools (or some variation thereof), you will discover any number of different rankings.  For example, this website, billing itself as the web's most useful K-12 search, states Pisgah High School is top in the State (NW Rankin #48).   

Overcrowding in the Northwest Rankin attendance zone is obvious; the recent decision to keep rising 6th graders at their respective elementary school this upcoming school year, is particularly ominous.  What other issues, if any, do you see affecting our NW Rankin Schools?  


Anonymous said...

Other issues besides a corrupt superintendent?

Other issues besides the rest of the county telling us to pound sand when it comes to overcrowding?

Other issues besides flaccid leadership from the school board when it comes to both issues above?

Troy Odom said...

That's a start.

Anonymous said...

The NW zone will never get what it needs with the current board. There are some members on the board that will vote against any bond bill or spending matter if they feel it benefits NW too much and doesn't give the same to their constituency. If been involved with them and been to too many of their meetings to not see their biases.

Anonymous said...

The biggest problem is NWR school zone gives the most money yet is treated like the red-headed step child. They really need to break away and keep our money in our schools.