Tuesday, April 2, 2013

More Info on the Rez Krewe Virtual Marathon

Previously, I posted information on the virtual marathon fundraiser the Ross Barnett Reservoir Foundation is putting on to raise funds for the Independence Day Celebration.  Below is more information and an application.

My take:  As silly and noncommittal as a virtual marathon sounds, the funds raised go towards a worthy cause.  The PRVWSD is strapped for cash, and always will be.  However, the fireworks display last year was great.  My family had a wonderful time at Lakeshore Park, mingling with other members of our community.  It's just $30, and it will give me an excuse to get off my duff and get moving.  It may also be a bit of an incentive to others who normally wouldn't do this sort of thing.

As an aside, check out the link above for the Foundation's new webpage.  There is a bundle of information there.

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